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Mud Cloth Cushions

Use our range of mud cloth cushions to introduce a vibrant tribal vibe into your space. Inspired by the Bogolan fabrics from Mali where fermented mud and repetitive patterns are used to create a rich, earthy look. Order yours today and get free shipping on orders over $150.

Styling with Mud Cloth Cushions

Showcasing patterns of lines, arrows, zigzags, dots and geometric shapes, styling your home with mud cloth cushions can create a soulful and inviting finish. From saturated colours of burnt orange, blue and yellow, a mix of texture and pattern is a perfect way to add visual interest and extra dimension. If you love neutral settings but find yourself gravitating towards bold accents, then introducing punchy tribal-inspired prints can be the style element you need to avoid your interior from falling flat.

Incorporating tribal accents into your living space evokes a sense of hand-made elegance and appreciation for worldly cultures and design styles. To celebrate the beauty of eclectic design, style mud cloth cushions with a curated combination of different patterns, sizes and depths for a casual yet bold look. Grouping together a few different patterns in a mix of colours can lend a worldly look to your home — and if you want to really highlight the colours, team with colourful artwork, a vibrant throw blanket, curtains, or an area rug for a vibrant vignette.

A combination of muted neutral textiles with more substantial, plain soft furnishings allow you the opportunity to introduce mud cloth cushion covers into your home if you’re looking to bring a dynamic energy but aren’t quite ready for a bold and vibrant aesthetic. Teaming multiple tribal-inspired patterns in a single space can be overbearing. But if used sparingly on a few soft furnishings — and if larger features such as an area rug and plain couch are toned down, the look can be cohesive.

Vibrant blue red and yellow mudcloth cushions in a white sitting room

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