French provincial cushions: style, sophistication and class

French provincial cushions are trending at the moment French Flag

French provincial cushions are popping up in homes all over Australia so we decided to investigate. For centuries, the world has been envious of French style, in both fashion and design. Their luxurious fabrics, materials, and designs have been highly sought upon since, well, forever. French fashion and style seemed to have made a large impact on other design trends across the world.

French provincial style

We love French style because it is classic – the textiles and designs are beautiful forever, and never go out of style. French designs always incorporate the present and the past, whether it is in the design or the textiles used in making the item. Aside from the fashion and interior designs we envy of the French, one specific item of décor we are dying to get our hands on are French cushions and one of the best places to do this is online.

French cushions are compiled of all things old and new in French design, which is why they are a highly sought after item. More and more home renovators are looking to buy French cushions online, while others are on the hunt to get their hands on vintage French fabrics so that they can make their own.

Fabrics used in French provincial cushions

Jacquards, wools, velvets, cottons, and lace, amongst many other luxurious fabrics, are just a few of what make these cushions such a glamorous thing to use as decor in our homes. These expensive fabrics are all very rich in texture and all separately define several aspects of French style. French cushions are made out of all of these fabrics and come in an assortment of patterns and colours.

French style designs

Designs on French provincial cushions are also another thing that make them a must-have in our homes. Soft designs, such as florals, stripes, and other classic designs add such an elegant and chic touch to the already fabulous fabric being used for the cushion. A lot of people are going for the “French country” look, which is a look that is very vintage, and describes the décor of antique country homes, mostly decorated in white, pastels, florals, and linens. This French country style is so popular that there are websites dedicated to explaining how to achieve this home design style in your own home – a style that looks gorgeous in bedrooms, sunrooms, and in outdoor patio furniture themes.

Colours used in French cushions

Colours are another aspect of decoration that make the French such eloquent designers. Colours and shades from every end of the spectrum are used, and the French very much love using neutral colour schemes, however, some of their best design work comes whenever they use soft and milky colours, like mentioned before about the French country colour scheme.

The weather and natural light in France play a very large role in home interior colour schemes used in decorating across the country. In some areas of the country, white and milky pastels and lime washes look the most elegant in their homes, while in more sunny parts of the country, warm terracotta reds, rich violets, and musky greens are colours that are the most flattering in the natural light of France. When picking out your cushions and decorations, remember harmony is key when creating an interior style with multiple colours and shades. Colours cannot be competing with one another, they must flow and combine to make a beautiful arrangement.

French-inspired cushions

Since the French fabrics are nothing short of glamour, they are not always affordable. If you are searching for these cushions on a budget, I would shoot for looking for French-inspired provincial cushions. These cushions may not be composed of the same expensive fabrics, but fabrics very similar to French fabrics. These cushions will also have the same French, country designs that make them elegant and are perfect for the bedroom.

If you are more of a DIY person, you can also easily find French textiles online on several websites. Again, those of you on a budget have no fear, you can find French-inspired fabrics and patterns also online or at most craft stores that sell fabric, or you can simply search for cushions that are in soft and milky colour schemes with very feminine, subtle patterns to achieve the “French country” look in any room of your home.

It’s very clear why we love the French fashion and interior design: their glamorous, luxurious lifestyles and decorations leave us wanting to achieve similar lifestyles and decorations. Every little item is carefully made, with a lot of tedious work involved. Although we can’t always afford French designs, we can imitate their popular interior items with items that are affordable and reasonable on our own budgets.