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A 70x70 cushion cover lays on the floor in a living room.

70×70 Cushion Covers

Ready for the ultimate size that simply demands attention? Don’t look away now because our 70×70 cushion covers are here. Available in a range of fabrics, colours and patterns, these giant 70cm beasts are ready and waiting to be added to your space. Use them as bold statement pieces or throw them on your floor to create a cosy nook, the possibilities are endless.

Styling with 70cm cushions

Our 70cm cushions are more than just a decor item; they're a game-changer for modern homes. They stand out as statement pieces, drawing eyes and sparking conversations. Their versatility shines in open-plan spaces, effortlessly zoning areas and adapting to different functions. From being the centrepiece of a cosy reading nook to defining a play area, they blend style with functionality. But, what truly sets them apart is their child and pet friendly nature. They offer a comfort zone for every family member, ensuring homes are both stylish and lived-in.

How to decorate with 70cm x 70cm cushion covers

Zoning spaces
Open-plan living is all the rage, but it often brings with it the challenge of demarcating spaces without putting up walls. Enter our 70x70 cushions. By strategically placing these designs, you can subtly hint at different 'zones' within a space. Perhaps a couple of these, grouped together with some 30 x 50 cushions, indicate a cosy reading nook by the window. Or, maybe they're spread out in the play area, clearly differentiating it from the more formal seating space. The best part? They offer fluidity. If you're hosting a larger gathering, just move them around, and instantly, your space adapts effortlessly!

Children and pets
There's something irresistibly inviting about our 70 x 70 cushions, especially for the younger members of the household and our furry companions. For kids, these items transform into magical islands for imaginative play, storytime havens, or comfy spots for those Saturday morning cartoons. They encourage creativity, from building forts to setting up impromptu stages for puppet shows. Pets, on the other hand, see them as personal lounging pads. Whether it's a cat curling up in a sunlit corner or a dog nestling in for an afternoon snooze, these designs provide the warmth and comfort they love.