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A burgundy cushion is laying against a white brick wall on a seat and next to a vase.

Burgundy Cushions

Ready to refresh your room with a dash of burgundy? Your sofa’s next best friend might be here in our large collection of burgundy cushions. Find your perfect shade crafted in a rich selection of fabrics, sizes, and playful patterns. As a deep, luxurious hue, burgundy can evoke elegance and grandeur, so let it play a starring role in your revamp

Styling with burgundy cushions

Choosing burgundy cushions introduces a rich depth to any interior setting. This deep, luxurious hue seamlessly blends warmth and sophistication, helping to make spaces feel cosy yet elevated. Its versatility means it complements both neutral palettes and bolder shades, and can easily act as a grounding element or as a vibrant pop. Burgundy's timeless appeal also ensures that it won't quickly go out of style, granting longevity to your design choices.

What colours go with burgundy cushion covers?

Soft blush or dusty pink
Picture a springtime bloom, where delicate rose petals unfurl amidst the shade of matured wine berries. When you bring together burgundy cushion covers with soft blush or dusty pinks, it's as if you're capturing this delicate interplay in your decor. The gentle femininity of these pinks delicately softens the depth of burgundy, offering a harmonious blend that feels both fresh and nostalgic. It’s a heartwarming palette, perfect for those seeking a touch of romance with a hint of vintage charm.

Cream or ivory
Pairing burgundy with cream or ivory brings a harmonious balance to your decor. The subtle tones of cream or ivory provide a gentle contrast to the deep richness of burgundy, offering a clean and classic aesthetic. This combination seamlessly blends warmth with lightness, creating an ambiance that feels both inviting and sophisticated, ideal for anyone aiming for a timeless and elegant look in their space.

Golden hues
Imagine the enchantment of a grand ballroom, where golden chandeliers cast a soft glow over deep burgundy drapes. By pairing burgundy cushions with gold accents, you're inviting a touch of royal opulence into your space. The shimmering undertones of gold playfully dance against the richness of this colour, crafting an ambiance that’s both luxurious and cosy. It’s a blend that speaks of elegant soirees, sparkling conversations, and the gentle glow of candlelight on a quiet evening.

What colour sofas do burgundy cushions look best on?

Burgundy cushions pop beautifully on neutral-toned sofas like beige, grey, and white. They also compliment brown and black sofas by adding a rich contrast. While burgundy can be versatile, it's best to be cautious with bright shades like orange or red sofas. Avoid using it on similarly coloured sofas or armchairs as it will create a monotonous look.