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Four designer cushions are layered in a stylish arrangement.

Designer Cushions

Our Artisan Range

Our designer cushions are crafted by hand in Australia, using luxurious fabrics that have been ethically sourced from global artisans. We complement these beautiful textiles with a premium back panel, made from 100% upcycled cotton sourced from a family-owned textile manufacturer. Made to order and lovingly sewn by our seamstress in Northern NSW, each beautiful designer cushion cover carries a rich story of artisan creativity.


Block printed designer cushions

Many pieces within our designer cushion range utilise fabrics fashioned by Indian block printing, an ancient textile art that has been practised in India for centuries. Originating from Rajasthan's scenic locales, particularly the villages around Jaipur, this craft transforms simple fabrics into masterpieces.

Artisans first sketch a motif on wood, and then painstakingly carve it by hand. This process might take anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on the complexity of the pattern. Once ready, the block is dipped into dyes and then stamped onto fabric by hand.

The beauty of hand block printing lies in its imperfections. Slight irregularities in each stamp’s print, shade, and colour make each creation unique, reflecting the artisan's hand in the piece. Our block printed cushions tell a textile story that celebrates the delicate dance between an artisan's hands and the canvas of fabric.

A man is creating an Indian block printed piece of fabric using a stamp.

Hand woven designer cushions

A number of our designer cushions feature fabrics crafted by artisans from several indigenous hill tribes in Northern Thailand, such as the Hmong, Akha, Yao, and Karen.

Each has their own unique weaving, dyeing, and embroidery techniques that they've practised for generations, and the textiles produced often feature intricate geometric patterns and symbolic motifs that tell stories, represent tribal beliefs, or indicate a wearer's social status.

These artisans typically work with cotton and many of the colours are derived from natural vegetable dyes, sourced from local plants and bark. Integral to their craftsmanship is the use of the backstrap loom, a hallmark of hill tribe weaving.

This portable loom, although a simple tool, allows artisans to produce textiles with intricate and complex patterns that showcase their profound mastery. When used in our designer cushion covers, the result is a harmonious blend of age-old craftsmanship and contemporary elegance.

A woman from a Thai hill tribe is hand weaving on a wooden loom.

Paired with a beautiful upcycled cotton

At the heart of our designer cushions lies a story of sustainability and innovation. Just like our luxury cushions, each piece from our designer range features a back panel that is crafted from a 100% upcycled cotton fabric. This fabric hails from Guatemala, where a third generation family run textile company is pioneering the adoption of a circular textile system.

A circular textile system ensures products are created with minimal waste and maximum resource efficiency, fostering an eco-friendly life cycle. This fabric is made using the cotton waste from garment factories. They collect and sort this post-industrial waste, grind these scraps into new fibres, and spin these into fresh yarns, finally weaving them into an exceptional upcycled fabric.

The process requires no synthetic fibres, chemicals or dyes and uses minimal water and energy. Even the leftover cotton from the process is passed on to local coffee growers for use as compost.

And what makes this fabric so perfect for our designs? Its densely woven, heavyweight structure promises durability while its textured feel, matte finish, and naturally occurring specks add a touch of rustic charm. With our cushion designs, you’re not just buying a product; you’re embracing a legacy.

Stacks of upcycled cotton fabric in sizeable rolls, one atop another.

Lovingly made in Australia

Every one of our designer cushion covers tells a story of global inspiration, yet each is intricately crafted right here in Australia. Our expert seamstresses, with years of dedication to their craft, meticulously measure, align and hand-cut each section of fabric with precision.

They then carefully stitch and overlock each piece to ensure durable seams and use only the finest quality zippers and thread to ensure each piece will stand the test of time. It's the handcrafted nature of our designs that sets them apart.

In addition to these unique single pieces, we've also curated a selection of sets that have been carefully coordinated for a look that is both stylish and rich in story. All of our pieces can be further enhanced by adding cushions and cushion covers from our sizeable range.

As a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship, these products are made-to-order so please anticipate a one-week lead time before your order is dispatched. This allows our team to carefully craft your bespoke designer cushions.

Hands are using a sewing machine under a dim light.