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A throw blanket is hanging on a timber stand inside.

Throw Blankets

Looking for ways to make your home cosier? Our collection of throw blankets add a decorative touch to any living space, bringing an extra layer of softness and warmth. Get yours today with us and enjoying free shipping on orders over $150 and our outstanding customer support.

Styling with Throw Blankets

Our gorgeous range of throw blankets are pleasant, breathable and very stylish. These soft and decorative accessories look stunning in living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms along with home libraries, sunrooms and home theatres. Kept within reach, they can create a relaxing atmosphere especially when paired with suitably coloured cushions on a sofa.

Draped over a lounge chair, a white throw blanket adds amazing texture and can help enhance an already colourful room. When laid along the end of a bed, they can add charm to your bedroom cushions and create a layer of warmth. When tossed on the arm of a sofa, they create a cosy touch and work especially well with knitted cushion covers. Blue and blush, khaki and beige, mustard and navy, olive and red, teal and pink, grey and white tones are all wonderful choices for modern styles.

When paired with solid or patterned cushions, a throw offers an elegant look and adds texture and visual weight to the space. Embrace calming earthy tones with neutral designs which are perfect for tying all the colours in a room together. Incorporating a bright-coloured mustard throw blanket to a neutral space adds an unexpected pop to the scheme of things. Whatever your decor aspirations, these are a fantastic accessory to include in your space and are as functional as they are gorgeous!

Mustard throw blankets styled on a bench with grey cushions nearby.

Throw blankets add a pop of colour

Style your couch in two ways; by casually placing your throw in a way that looks more organic, or you can go with a folded and more clean-cut look. While black, brown, white, navy and grey will coordinate with most design styles and colour schemes, a coloured piece like a yellow throw blanket for example, is the perfect way to add a bright pop to a room. You can even switch out the coloured pieces as the seasons change — green, pale pink or orange for summer and red, navy, or brown for winter.

Whether hosting guests at home or simply looking to style your living space in true seasonal form, try turning to a knit throw blanket as the perfect decor solution. For a soft and simple yet contemporary colour palette, opt for subtle and warm shades of pink, grey, or green to complete your space. Turn to fresh flowers, a mix of soft textured linen cushion covers, and decorative accents in neutrals to truly emphasise the soft tone of your piece.

The sweet pastel tones of magic mint, baby blue, blush, and whimsy yellow can help create a relaxing sanctuary-like environment right at home. However, if you prefer something muted, try decorating a cream-coloured or off-white sofa with a grey throw blanket. Pair with warm neutral cushions in ivory, grey, beige, and brown to complement a light-coloured couch perfectly. Meanwhile, adding a pop of bold colour or pattern to your display can turn up the visual interest and bring an otherwise subtle palette to life.

Light blue throw blanket on children's bed with space themed cushions.

Transform your space with ease

Soft textured furnishings are always a sophisticated way to add depth to your space. Warm up your couch with a pop of colour by incorporating a red throw blanket to an all-white decor scheme. A punch of bold colour in a neutral setting can help you stylishly transform your space into something lovely, new, and distinctly you. Vibrant red also teams beautifully with bold grey or black furnishings in rooms with muted tones. For the energetic colour to stand-out, try to stick with solid-coloured furnishings or cushions with minimal patterns.

Throws are a perfect blend between style and cosy — and just like scatter cushions, they can be used to create a comfortable atmosphere not only for guests but for yourself too. Whether you decide to introduce just one or add extra texture by pairing those in complementary tones, they are sure to bring to a space undeniable warmth and a relaxing ethos. A green throw blanket can lend a contemporary and serene touch to any room - and works as a great finishing tough to your Christmas arrangement. Being a colour that’s often associated with nature, team green with natural fabrics for an organic finish.

For the ultimate feminine touch, pair a pink throw blanket with cushions in soothing tones of lavender, sage, sky blue, and light grey. Soft hues add a casual and laid-back feel to any living space. Elegant and chic, pink soft furnishings add just the right kind of appeal to a range of aesthetics including contemporary and modern interiors. Position them perfectly on the bed, upholstered chair, or a bare couch to give the room a warm ambience that encourages you to relax.

Green throw on a grey couch with knitted cushions.

Use vivid colour combinations

The look of textured ivory, pale mauve and cream cushions can flatter a burnt orange throw blanket. If your living space or base furnishings have a neutral backdrop, a saturated colour may be all you need to add visual punch to the scheme of things. Burnt orange, when paired with warm neutrals, gives off the ultimate cosy vibe for the season or all year long. Team with jewel tones such as gold mustard and emerald green to embrace your daring side. Saturated colours can add so much visual depth and richness to your living space without seeming too overbearing.

As a strong shade, purple, like burnt orange, can fit a variety of interior settings including contemporary, modern farmhouse, and bohemian. Finding colours that complement a purple throw blanket isn't as challenging as you might think. Style your living space with neutral accents that show off the hue's versatile style, or pair purple with equally rich shades for a vibrant take. To achieve an eclectic look, broaden the spectrum of hues by piling colourful patterned cushions onto a neutral sofa and bring in your purple piece to complete your energetic colour scheme.

When incorporating a colour like teal into the room through soft furnishings, one piece is usually enough and doing so will allow it to become the focal point of your decor scheme. For example, a teal throw blanket can be introduced into a coastal design scheme where all other elements highlight a neutral colour palette. You’ll want to balance out the look by also including teal colour in the room’s other accessories. With just a few tweaks in tone, you can achieve a style finish that feels cohesive and consistent.

Pink themed bedroom with white accent pieces

Match your throws with the seasons

If you’re looking to implement a style that’s appropriate for both winter and summer, neutral shades are a natural fit. They can be used throughout the room for a cosy and sophisticated design atmosphere. Think about using tones such as beige, black, white, brown, and navy in your scatter cushions, blankets, rugs, wall art and furniture pieces. A beige throw blanket can be styled with other soft furnishings in equally muted tones. You may want to bring in a variety of patterns and textures so your decor doesn’t fall flat.

The sweet colour of sage lends a bit of light-hearted cheer to both neutral and bold settings. Working as an accent colour, the sage hue can be paired with pastel hues, including pale blue and soft lilac, which are perfect complements because of their lighter tones. A sage throw blanket also pops beautifully against an all-white decor scheme. In a case where you have a neutral backdrop, you may want to repeat sage in multiple applications throughout your space to tie the look together.

Add sophisticated flair with navy blue — it’s a neutral colour but one that’s rich and isn’t on the muted side. This incredibly versatile colour suits just about any aesthetic without being dismal. It’s brilliantly classic for formal settings, natural and easy for coastal vibes, striking and rich for modern looks, and totally luxurious for contemporary and art deco styles. Team a navy throw blanket with crisp white, grey and silver metallic tones to keep the room feeling vibrant yet relaxed, combine with gold and red tones for a rich and smoothing finish, or pair with blush and aqua colours to create a truly beautiful contrast.

Navy blue throw blanket styled on a white bed with blue cushions.

Create a cosy space

Like navy blue, black is yet another colour that can instantly make a room more intimate and cosy. A black throw blanket paired with crisp white furnishings — and with decorative accents in gold-toned metals — leads to a luxurious finish. Black pieces also work well with just about any colour, think pink and soft grey, teal and yellow, or orange and purple, whatever style you desire. Because the colour is just as gorgeous on its own, you can style your throw with minimal accessories if you prefer a more laid-back look.

If you’re looking to create an immediately calming and welcoming ambience, you may want to go for soothing hues instead. Blue, for example, can be used to soften a bright decor scheme, or as a focal colour in a more subtle space. Whatever your decorating style, from fresh and light to contemporary, a blue throw blanket effortless finds its place and adds a cosy touch. Style it with soft tones of green, pink, yellow for a casual look or with bright white for a timeless monochromatic finish.

To create understated elegance without settling for a neutral colour scheme, try styling your room with earthy rust. It is warm, so it will make any space much cosier. What’s more, this vivacious yet sophisticated hue can stand up to bold colours without feeling out of place. Display your rust throw blanket with a warm red, forest green and burgundy for a look that feels inviting in the fall, or with crisp white, shiny yellow, and millennial pink for a bold and catchy summer vibe. Whatever look you desire, this vibrant neutral colour is sure to add a welcome warmth to any room.