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Vintage Cushions

Vintage style can be cosy, elegant and romantic — and can combine old and modern aesthetics. Our vintage cushions are inspired by retro patterns, colours and designs. Buy your collection with us and enjoy free shipping on orders over $150, easy returns and top notch customer support.

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Styling with Vintage Cushions

Vintage cushions and decor is often out of the ordinary and develops over time. It’s about acquiring pieces slowly, some new — from a trip abroad or a trip to the local thrift store — and others that have been passed down to you; and steadily building a decor scheme that represents a specific time period you love. And while it may look like you can’t create authenticity where there’s none, you can definitely recreate a vintage style that feels true to you.

When you do find some designs that fit the bill; the colours, patterns and material can also form the room’s focal point. Putting them in this role will help set the tone for the rest of your scheme. Our vintage cushions have a feel of elegance and sophistication that is synonymous with the style details of the past. Different combinations of colourful cushions could be the right stepping stone to achieving the look you desire.

Colour and pattern are essential in driving home vintage aesthetics. There is nothing like a combination of rich and soft colours or bold and subtle patterns to help create an interior that’s reminiscent of aesthetics of the past. If you want to create a funky look in seconds, try styling with paisley cushions whose intricate patterns immediately bring to mind a vintage vibe. Alternatively, if you prefer something that’s toned down; bring in a few plain block cushions in saturated hues and varied textures, and add the finishing touch with a vintage graphic for visual interest.