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50×50 Cushion Covers

50×50 Cushion Covers offer a lovely plump size and are a wonderful mid point between small and larger sizes. Our 50cm x 50cm cushion covers can be used as building blocks or as feature pieces in their own right. Shop with us now and get free shipping on orders over $150.

Cushions of this size can be used as highly visible pieces that accentuate the style of your home. To create an adaptable palette, consider the colour of the sofa you are putting your 50×50 cushions on, or the bed linen on which they will sit, in order to ensure that the scheme works well together. A display that showcases various tones of the same colour as the bed or couch they sit on can look just as striking as a combination of different colours. The tone-on-tone colour scheme can be very cosy and visually appealing, creating an air of timeless sophistication.

If you’re looking to take a bold and vibrant step by adding vivid colours to your bed or sofa, consider choosing 50×50 cushion covers in complementary colours. A bright white or neutral sofa is made cheery by the placement of complementary designs. For instance, blue is a complementary colour to orangey yellow and black and white creates an extra element of dramatic visual interest. Block neutrals make great base pieces for both soft and bold colours, while the contrast between solid colours and patterned pieces beautifully work together to create a visually eye-catching finish.

To avoid your collection from falling flat and lacking warmth, create interest and visual weight by incorporating different textures – think wool-knits teamed with smooth cotton, or a faux fur paired with plain linen cushions. You can also introduce interest by pairing 50cmx50cm cushion covers with natural, raw materials such as timber, stone, hides and leather to instantly add richness, depth and up the cosiness-factor in your living space. Layering your room with varied texture is a powerful finishing tool that brings the decor of a room together.

The number of 50cm cushion covers to place on your sofa really depends on your personal preference and the style you’re trying to achieve. They work perfectly when layered with smaller square designs. If you have an existing traditional aesthetic, then you may want to stick to an even number for a more symmetrical look. Odd numbers work best to channel an eclectic or more modern visual appeal. A cohesive and balanced placement harmonises varying colours, sizes, and textures very well.

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