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70×70 Cushion Covers

70×70 cushion covers provide a sumptuous and extraordinary presence that can be utilised in a variety of locations. Our 70cm x 70cm cushion covers look fantastic on the floor and can provide a beautiful extension of your sofa collection. Browse our large range and enjoy brilliant customer support and free shipping on orders over $150.

70×70 cushions are a brilliant way to instantly refresh almost any decor scheme. Plump up the volume in your seated areas or create entirely new spaces with this highly practical size. You can lay them out beautifully in cutely-designed children’s media and play zones or on the living room floor to match the colour of your curtains or complement your area rug and those on the couch. Through simple decorative changes, your home can feel more cosy and inviting, while adding a distinct personal style.

If your home is often full of guests, then decorative 70×70 cushion covers are ideal for two purposes: decoration and seating. Beautiful soft products are the most stylish, most comfortable and more versatile way to extend the seating in a small living room. What’s more, they add exciting colour and luxurious texture to accentuate the comfort of a space and fill it with a relaxed home atmosphere. To select the right colours and textures, allow your fabric combinations and other decorative elements, like green leaf prints, in your current decor to inspire you, and consider how they can actually contribute to the style and function of the room.

Having variations of bold hues and neutrals creates a cohesive decor finish. 70cm x 70cm cushion covers in energising colours and striking patterns will add a bold punch and stand-out in a neutral setting. Similarly, an already vibrant decor scheme can benefit from cushions in soft hues. Neutrals are perfect for grounding and providing balance to a bright and colourful interior space. Pairing different textures will further add depth and visual weight that’s guaranteed to up the comfort level of your overall space.

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