Top 5 Home Accessories in Australia

Colourful cushions alongside some vases

Are you looking for the best home accessories for your lovely home? Are there some décor items that you want to incorporate but you’re on a budget and not quite sure where to look? You’ve come to the right place! Once again, we have journeyed through the World Wide Web to bring you some of the top home accessories in Australia. Whether you live in the beach house by the water, or a cottage home surrounded by beautiful shrubbery, take these wonderful ideas into consideration while you create your dream décor designs.

Ceramics Galore

To add some accents in your home, try incorporating these ceramic vases into your themes. These Australian made ceramics are perfect for adding bursts of colour and simplicity to your décor when only a little is needed to spruce up your style. The use of faux plants and even small live plants would give you just the touch you need to complete your look. Adding these multiple ceramic vases to your windowsill will also give your windows and curtains a little flair as well.

Chandelier Heaven

If you are in need of some elegance in your dining room, this Australian home accessory is right up your alley. Make your family feel like royalty when they eat their meals with a chandelier like this bringing out all of the beauty of the room. The gorgeous crystal accents, sheer pleated fabric work and shiny polish finish gives you an everlasting piece that will never be outdated. Other placement ideas include placing this style of chandelier in the foyer of your house to greet guests in a classy way.

Cushion Fusion

Spice up your patio with cushions that speak volumes! This is a home accessory essential in your house you do not want to overlook! Bold colours and pattern motifs give your outdoor décor the vitality it needs to keep up with the summer heat. Creating an oasis of numerous cushions for your outdoor furniture encourages a vacation setting in the comforts of your own backyard. Bahama Mama, anyone?

Burning the Midnight Oil

Bring a sultry ambiance to your home accessories collection with these Australian tea light candle holders. Capture the essence of warm light with the distinctive Banksia seed design that creates an intimate environment. The deep colour of these candles will add to any décor in any room of your choosing. For best results, try pairing them with a room that has base neutral colours. This is another Australian home accessory essential that you do not want to be without!

Nutty Bowls

Need some cool and convenient compartments to keep your frequently used items in an easy go-to place? Try these colourful bowls. The absolutely amazing thing about this home accessory is that it is made from recycled Macadamia nut shells! The designer, Mark Harrison, also paid homage to the nut family by creating these bowls in their image. Obviously, these bowls would make great nut snacking bowls for your guests as they wait on the meal being prepared. If you just want to emphasise the bold colours of these bowls, leave them empty and place them in various areas in your room of choice. If you want to make a real statement, they also look great rested upon a modern cushion for the ultimate in sophistication.