Using Designer Cushion Covers

Bright colourful designer cushion covers on a very bright sofa with lines

Beautiful fabrics can help personalise your outdoor area, adding colour and pizzazz in an instant. 

Designer cushions can serve two purposes. One is an aesthetic purpose and the other is functionality. They look great but can also provide comfort and support. You can also choose a pattern, design, colour, texture or theme to not only suit your outdoor area but that reflects your individual style and needs.

Many people are always looking to change the look and feel of their home and designer cushion covers and other accessories like throw rugs, vases and flowers can be the perfect way to do this without buying new furniture or rearranging existing furniture. Below is a brief look at some of the latest trends we’re seeing here at Outdoor Living Direct and other retailers.


Mix and match

When choosing your designer cushions try to find a variety that mix and match well together. Perhaps you have a colour theme running through your house which you’d like to continue, easy! Simply choose colours and patterns in varying shapes and sizes that will not only look great together but that will complement your existing home style.


Bold use of colour

The use of bright, bold coloured designer cushion covers can turn an outdoor area into an oasis paradise and create a pop of colour. Bright colours are sure to lift any outdoor space and create an area with creativity and flair. Simply by adding a coloured pillow, pot plant or chair an area can instantly pop and become an inviting space to share with family and friends.


Varying shapes and sizes

Visual interest can be created simply by positioning varying sized designer cushion covers together. They don’t all need to be standard sized squares. Simply by mixing a square one with a rectangular one creates an instant contrast and visual interest within your area. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play with different shapes and sizes. You could even consider turning a square cushion on an angle to create a diamond which in turn creates another look for your area. Clustering them is also a great idea. Odd numbers work best! Cluster a group of three various size cushions in the corner of your lounge to create a striking effect. Experiment and having fun is the key here!


Varying patterns

A variety of patterns look to be popular this season, but the Chevron pattern in particular will likely be very strong. The chevron pattern, or commonly known as the zig zag pattern, has been around for centuries yet has resurfaced into a huge key trend amongst designers, artists, decorators, home owners and the like. Chevron is a bold and beautiful design element, that when used properly and carefully can have a wonderful aesthetic appeal that will never go out of style.

Another pattern which never ages is the good old stripe. Stripes are a classic pattern which looks fantastic in the form of a designer cushion cover. Partnered with a bold, solid colour this combination will always work well and create a striking contrast. Polka dots, floral, baroque and chequered are just a few more patterns that could trend quite popular this coming Spring and Summer season.


Quoted designer cushion covers

Quoted cushions are also becoming quite a trend this season. Show your personal style and flair through the use of a quote that means something to you. They are proving to be very popular in bedrooms but also look good on sofas when used randomly among other decorative cushions. One of the most recent trends is the ‘Mr Right’ and ‘Mrs Always Right’ matching cushion set. Quote cushions add fun to any home and are sure to continue to be prevalent as time goes on.

If possible try and find designer cushion covers that will work both inside and outside. The benefit of this is you can use them all year round, in turn saving your money for other things. If you find colours and patterns that will suit most rooms of your home you’re not only saving money but you can enjoy your lovely fabrics no matter what the season!