Vintage cushion covers: Old is the new ‘new’:

retro cushion covers on a vintage couch

Interest in vintage cushion covers is on the rise! No matter where you are in the world, every single place has an appreciation for history. Whether it is ancient artefacts, architecture, stories, clothing, etc., the value of what is deemed to be “old” is priceless. What is our fascination with memorabilia from the past?

Antique and vintage furniture, as well as retro decor, are extremely popular when it comes to interior design, and these items from the past don’t come with a cheap price tag. The prices of some vintage furniture and decorations are invaluable, the beauty that these pieces behold all tell a story of a time we will not have the chance to relive.

What better for a piece of furniture from the past than vintage cushions to go with it? Vintage furniture, whether it is a bed frame, sofa, or chair, is very delicate, and therefore requires delicate, soft pieces to decorate it. Vintage cushions only add to the large sum of history that the vintage furniture has to share. With the growing interest in retro period furniture and fashion, pieces from the 60s, 70s and 80s are now becoming sought after as well. It brings in your room a full sense of the past and the stories that these decorative items have to tell.

How to find vintage cushion covers

Finding a vintage cushion cover that is still in top-notch condition and still stuffed well is very rare, so there is a bit of work that will have to go into making your vintage cushion cover new, but still maintain its sense of old mystery. In most cases, you will have to get your vintage cushion new stuffing, as most of them will be flattened after decades of use. Researching proper care of how to stuff, clean, and care for your vintage cushion covers is very important in the process of preserving your cushion.

The materials and time period from which a vintage item is made is typically what makes an item “vintage” or “antique.” Some antique materials and fabrics aren’t available for purchase anymore and are very fragile. A cushion is also considered vintage if it is sewn and made with vintage fabrics such as old silks, wool, jacquard, etc.

New things that look old

Aside from purchasing vintage and retro cushion covers from antique shops or from online merchants, furniture and interior design merchants are always creating new things that look old. It is not uncommon to see brand-new furniture and decorations that have never been used, for sale. Making items look and have a vintage feel is also a very popular decorative trend and it is very easy to find cushions that look old but are, in fact, new.

Whether you are buying a brand new cushion that has a vintage feel, or if you are purchasing and reconstructing a vintage cushion cover from an antique shop, you will not be disappointed in this choice of décor. Vintage items in the home give each separate room such a soft, delicate feel and add a sense of charm and character to your home. Many online merchants and antique shops carry antique cushions, or you can even try purchasing vintage fabrics and materials and creating and producing your own idea of a vintage cushion.