How to create the Urban Modern look with cushions

Urban modern sstyled scene with mustard black and grey cushions

Intro to the Urban Modern Style

Urban Modern style is a melting pot of various interior design looks — it blends contemporary and minimalist styles, and has great influences of industrial aesthetics, but with a much softer and less edgy appeal. The style aims to give those in inner cities — or anyone with long work days; a sanctuary of their own: to refresh and feel nurtured in.

Urban modern style exhibits smart spatial design and embraces building materials such as concrete floors, rugged wood, exposed beams, steel floor-to-ceiling windows, and unfinished surfaces — but the aesthetics are far more refined compared to industrial design. Incorporated into this style is the use of slimmed-down furnishings to allow the unique architectural features to stand out. The style seeks out ‘form-meets-function’ practicality while adding an eclectic flair and putting every inch of the space to work.

Features, colours, patterns and textures

Neutral colours such as greys, browns and even blacks are generally favoured in an urban modern home; with limited punches of colours in teal, fuchsia, purple, burnt orange, olive green and bright blue to add liveliness to a seemingly monotonous colour scheme. Large artworks are commonly used on the walls to help bring visual warmth and depth into the space. 

Textures often depend on the elements within the space. Smooth textures can be found on solid fabrics such as calico, linen and velvet; with occasional geometric or graphic patterns displayed on cushions, throws and poufs.

How to create the Urban Modern look with cushions?

There are different takes that can be implemented to create an urban modern look, as long as the core features are there. We’ve coordinated three different cushion collections which we’re sure will inspire a look of your own. Below are a few ideas to get started…

Urban Modern Accessories

For this style to take shape there should be some degree of minimal and clean aesthetics. Here, the rich and dark tones of the leather chair, plant pots, light fixture, wall ornament and artwork accentuate the neutral base of the room. The sofa allows you plenty of opportunities to introduce accents while the area rug and potted plants add extra dimension and anchors the room.

Urban modern styled living room with funky cushion and a large grey floor cushion

Look 1: Our Domino Collection

In this scene, we’ve selected our Domino Cushion Cover Collection which is perfect for a sophisticated appeal. It works well when paired with natural or bold accents to make your space look distinct and unique. 

Here, we’ve opted for a large dark grey cushion as the base, and then we added some graphic cushions to soften the hard edges and bring in a playful element into the space. The different patterns and colours really bring the room together without dominating other accent pieces. The cosy wool throw adds texture and comfort, while the large potted plants provide a warm contrast to the darker tones and cooler metal finishes.

To achieve this look yourself, select one of our Domino Collections and offset it with black, grey and beige hues to create a successful decor scheme. Add a few potted plants to bring in a glimpse of nature from outside.

Shop the look…

Diamond patterned cushion cover in dark blue browns and yellows
A set of 6 black and white cushions with triangle patterns
Cushion cover with smart geometric pattern on blue teal
Living room with urban modern style and mustard and black cushions

Look 2: Our Sienna Collection

This time we’ve combined the tribal patterns in our  Sienna 7 Cushion Cover Collection with a couple grey knits. This set of vivid velvet cushions will tone perfectly with deep green or black accents — striking a stylish balance we all want to bring home.

In this scene, a the refreshing pop of yellow on our graphic cushions spruces things up and instantly makes the room more interesting, while the grey cable knit cushions make the interior cosier and keeps the whole look from seeming too chaotic. A single rectangular velvet cushion adds variety to the cushion shapes. Our sumptuous mustard velvet floor cushion brings both visual and tactile interest into the room. The woven decorative basket, wall ornament and art add tons of charm and authenticity.

To create this look yourself, start with a neutral block sofa that will allow you the opportunity to play around with our Sienna Collection. Introduce some artwork for personality and visual interest.

Shop the look…

Grey Cable Knit Cushion Cover 50cm x 50cm With Buttons
Cushion collection with mustard and grey tones
Large shiny olive velvet floor cushion
Living room with Urban modern styling with pink and grey cushions

Look 3: Our Aughie Collection

In this scene, we have used Aughie 9 Cushion Cover Collection for a clean modern look with a predominantly monochromatic colour palette. Here, the white and black cushions temper with the rigid block cushions and provide the eye with something interesting to look at. The plush fur cushion in pink adds variation to texture and colour, and keeps the look from seeming too stately.

To create this look yourself, combine variety of patterns as long as they share something in common: a colour, a shape, a theme or a style — our Aughie Collection is a perfect pick!

Shop the look…

45cm x 45cm Square Fur Purple Cushion cover
A set of 9 cushion covers with lilac, grey and white colours
Black and white floor velvet cushion cover

 Other ways to achieve the Urban Modern look…

A mix of 7 rectangular and square cushion covers in grey, teal and mustard colours

Kalgoorlie Collection

Choose this collection if you have dark grey or black walls or furnishings and would like a splash of gold to really set the theme off. A hint of an ethnic motif and velvet fabrics is the perfect nod to your Urban Modern look.

Linear Collection

Choose this collection if you want a modern geometric theme with an urban twist. Works well with a neutral, deep navy or washed black decor and soft furnishings. The geometrics in gold will complement gold accessories while the overall look is sophisticated and contemporary.

A set of 4 white, blue and gold cushions with linear patterns

A set of black and white cushions with square, chevron and cross patterns

Corban Collection

Choose this collection if you wanting a monochromatic Urban Modern look. Works beautifully on a neutral oversized sofa. The black and white theme allows accents of metalics and pops of bold colour to be introduced.

Hobson Collection

Choose this collection if you are looking for a rich teal accent with a subtle ethnic vibe to complement other raw elements in your room. Works well with natural soft furnishings or tan leather.

A mix of rectangular and square cushions with blue and grey colours