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An outdoor cushion set placed on a rattan seat.

Outdoor Cushion Sets

Want to spruce up your outdoor area? Use our weather-resistant outdoor cushion sets to get the job done quickly and without fuss. No more endless searching and matching. We’ve done it for you! Our range of cushions for outdoor patio sets have been designed to work together from the get go, meaning they are super easy to decorate with. All you need to do is pick your favourite combination.

Styling with outdoor cushion sets

Our handpicked outdoor cushion sets are your go-to for an instant patio uplift. Each set has been meticulously selected by our design team to infuse instant style into your open-air spaces. Say goodbye to the tedious and tiresome task of matching colours and sizes to create your set; we've taken care of it! Ideal for busy folks who are pressed for time or who'd just rather skip the hassle of starting from square one. Best of all? Just like our full outdoor range, they have been designed specifically for the outdoors, so their waterproof and UV resistant nature ensures they’ll last through many seasons ahead.

How to choose outdoor cushion sets

You have a lot more freedom when choosing your outdoor cushion set compared to their indoor counterparts. Outdoors, you're often not as tied down by existing colours or styles. However, it's still essential to be mindful of the space's overall vibe. Take note of any dominant colours, especially the hue of the seating, it's the canvas for your arrangement, after all. Neutral seating? The world's your oyster! But with coloured seating, make sure the colour of your set complements and doesn't clash. Using a colour wheel here will help! Many love the simplicity of a monochromatic set, where varying patterns in a single colour shine. If you want a more colourful collection, just ensure they'll suit your seating and look for opportunities to tie in any colours you may have in the space.

How many to use in an outdoor cushion set

Selecting the ideal number for your outdoor cushion set is really about aligning it with the available space of your outdoor furniture. Just imagine trying to jam a 5 piece set onto a lone outdoor chair. It just wouldn’t work. Typically, a set of 3 fits well on a 2 seater outdoor couch, while a set of 5 gracefully adorns a more generous 3 seater outdoor sofa, and a set of 7 is suitable for a larger outdoor lounge. Yet, it's essential to acknowledge that there's no absolute formula for this; every piece of outdoor furniture has its own unique dimensions. So, while you sprinkle in dashes of style, always prioritise the functional comfort and accessibility of your outdoor seating.