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Three outdoor couch cushions are placed on a seat next to a side table.

Outdoor Couch Cushions

Sets of 3

Have an outdoor couch that’s just begging for a makeover? Make its day with our range of outdoor couch cushions! Browse our curated collection, where every bundle has been specially chosen with outdoor furniture in mind. Each one features 3 harmoniously paired weather resistant designs, the ideal number for your regular outdoor couch. You just need to choose what feels right for your space.

Styling with outdoor couch cushion covers

We've really poured our hearts into finding out what goes into the ideal outdoor couch cushion covers. We pondered the perfect count, and given they're generally more compact than a fuller sized outdoor sofa, fewer designs seems to do the trick. As it turns out, three creates the perfect harmony. They make the most of the available space but still keep it user-friendly. Our team also spent hours and hours considering and experimenting with many different colour, pattern and size combinations. The end result is this wonderful collection, just waiting to dazzle on your furniture.

How to choose outdoor couch cushions

Choosing the right outdoor couch cushions is like crafting a beautiful piece of art. Start by considering the colour of the couch, which acts as the canvas for your arrangement. For neutral-coloured outdoor couches, which are quite common, most designs will seamlessly work. But if your seat boasts a distinct hue, select designs that either complement or contrast it beautifully. Using a colour wheel here will quickly show you what colours will work. Beyond your couch's colour, glance around and note any prominent hues in your outdoor space. Incorporating these into your set can create a harmonious and cohesive look.

Things to look for in quality outdoor couch cushions

UV resistance
Looking to keep your collection fresh and vibrant? Opt for those with UV protection. This guards against quick fading from the sun's rays. Our premium fabric has been tested for colour fastness to a rating of 400 hours. Though it's best not to leave your set exposed to sunlight for long periods, this feature helps in extending their life.

Want your new outdoor couch cushions to be able to withstand the elements? Ensure they have excellent waterproofing to keep them in good condition and prolong their life. A water-resistant design doesn't just protect the outer fabric, it also safeguards the inner insert from obtaining water damage. Our range features wonderful waterproofing, ensuring both beauty and resilience.