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Three striped outdoor cushions arranged in an elegant stack outside.

Striped Outdoor Cushions

Use our striped outdoor cushions to add a classic touch to your outdoor oasis. These timeless pieces, perfect for any patio or garden setting, feature elegant stripes that bring a sophisticated and nautical charm. Our collection includes a variety of colours and stripe widths, each made from durable UV and water-resistant material, ensuring they remain vibrant and resilient against the elements.

Why choose striped outdoor cushions?

To add both elegance and playfulness to your outdoor space, look no further than the timeless choice of striped outdoor cushions. These designs are excellent for outdoor decorating because their linear pattern can create a sense of order and visual interest. Stripes work well to draw the eye, and help to add dimension and depth to an arrangement of outdoor cushions. They can also help unify a colour scheme or introduce contrasting colours in a balanced way. Whether bold or subtle, stripes can complement a range of styles, from nautical to contemporary, making them a versatile and attractive option for enhancing an outdoor area.

How to style striped outdoor cushions

All of the products within our outdoor range have been designed to be easily coordinated with one another. Our striped outdoor cushion covers are excellent for tying together solid colours and various patterns in a cohesive and balanced way. When building your set of outdoor cushions, consider starting with your favourite striped design as the anchor. Pair it with a matching solid colour for a seamless look, and then add a contrasting feature design for a pop of interest. Whether you choose to stay within a single colour palette or opt for contrasting hues, the striped design will tie everything together, creating a stylish and inviting outdoor space.