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Three outdoor cushions are stacked vertically on a wooden stool.

Outdoor Cushions

Designed to withstand the elements, our outdoor cushions will make your patio as comfortable as any room inside. Pick from a wide range of different hues and patterns in our collection of stunning outdoor cushion covers. Buy with us today and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $150, easy returns and brilliant customer support.

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Styling with Outdoor Cushions

For a cosy seat beneath the open sky, add outdoor cushions to your wicker, wooden or wrought-iron patio furniture to help soften the space and bring a splash of colour and comfort. They also make great patio accessories as they help tie interior and exterior living spaces together with a similar colour palette, style and theme. Large outdoor cushions placed on benches or set directly on the floor of a wooden deck are great for providing extra casual lounging in a pinch. Variation in shapes and sizes lend a plush and custom look to an outdoor area, especially when your collection features prints with playful and fun motifs.

The colours you choose for your outdoor arrangement will depend on the look you’re aiming for. You may choose to mimic the colour scheme used indoors or go for something totally different, perhaps using vibrant hues found in the flowering plants in your garden. Using complementary colours in your outdoor cushion covers, like orange and turquoise, makes a bold statement, and can be tied together by using surrounding bright white designs. Deep red and maroon also add style and help create a space that “pops” when coupled with sunny yellow, royal blue or crisp corals; giving you a Moroccan vibe.

Don’t hesitate to mix up different patterns to give your outdoor living space a sophisticated, designer look. For a creative touch, use outdoor floor cushions with interesting patterns to enrich your floor space and add valuable seating. Florals are also outdoor favourites as they blend easily with solids like navy outdoor cushions. If you want your arrangement to be waterproof, be sure to choose a fabric that also does not fade in direct sunlight and is made with mildew-resistant synthetic fibres such as poly spun material.

A bright collection of orange and blue outdoor cushions styled on a light coloured sofa

Benefits of waterproof outdoor cushions

Styling with outdoor covers that can withstand the elements will certainly enliven the aesthetics of your home no matter the season. Choosing waterproof outdoor cushions is a smart way to add beauty that’s well suited for the wetter seasons. When it begins to shower, you may want to swap your greys, blues and dark hues for brighter shades. Vibrant colours like citrus, bright pink, turquoise and red will keep your spirits up while you enjoy the soft pitter-patter of rain outside.

A lovely outdoor arrangement can bring a focal point or much needed variety and texture to an already stunning space. Just a few red outdoor cushion covers can turn boring patio lounge furniture into beautiful accent pieces and bring life to your overall decor. You can reimagine your neutral seating by introducing layers of large block and patterned designs. Similarly, bright seating benefits from adding neutral colours for a more cohesive finish. For generously sized outdoor furniture, you may want to use large cushion covers to mix things up. Use one big set for a lounge, two for a love seat, and three or more for a large sofa.

Essentially, your outdoor area should enhance the liveability of your home’s exterior while amplifying your style. While having a place to sit is important, surrounding yourself with gorgeous waterproof cushions and greenery will transform the environment’s ambience and make it a much more welcoming space that you'll be more likely to use. Adding lanterns and candles to the mix allows you to entertain after the sun goes down. Simply create a theme around your outdoor covers for different occasions and holidays.

Black and white outdoor cushions with tribal patterns are arranged at the end of a couch with a potted plant in the foreground

Colour options for outdoor cushion covers

Grey outdoor cushions offer a great base if you’re looking to create a cosy eclectic vibe with a range of bold colours. Simply select some striking colours that best fit your surroundings and add them above your grey background. And don’t worry - pretty much anything works with grey! Alternatively, you may opt for outdoor covers in complementary muted neutrals to create a design-forward, laid-back and put together look. If your backyard or patio overlooks beautiful scenery, opt for a display in a colour scheme that blends effortlessly with the natural landscape. Complete the look by hanging some string lights to soften things up.

If your outdoor area is on the small side, styling with eye-catching patterns instantly makes any design scheme feel trendy. Striped outdoor cushions, for instance, add character, colour, and, most importantly, they’re all it takes to add a sense of style. Ramp up the luxe look by adding some soft velvet cushions to create an interesting mix of textures. Just the right number of velvet pieces will completely revamp your space without cluttering your seating area. Coordinate these with floral prints, timeless and neutral furniture that won’t overwhelm the eye, and hang a timeless pendant light to polish things off.

To channel vacation vibes, a swing sofa, nature-inspired furniture or a slim hammock can be styled with blue outdoor cushions in varying shades. Beach-inspired patterns in aqua, soft tan, coral, sea foam green and yellow will round out the overall look. On the flip side, your coastal theme can be as light as a beach-breeze with crisp white furniture partnered with natural fibres and textures. Introduce some whimsical outdoor lighting such as pendants with ropes or harbour-inspired lanterns to keep the vibe going well past sundown.

A grey sofa has five green outdoor cushions that are large in size styled on it with a throw.

Use elements from your surroundings

When nestled amongst an array of easy-to-please green plants, yellow outdoor cushions add a dash of bright colour and will take your patio, porch or backyard from dull to dazzling. Choose outdoor covers in various sizes and textures to add dimension to your setting. A wide array of hues complement yellow beautifully including orange, pink, blue, purple and grey. Look to flowers and greenery to choose the right colour pairing you’ll enjoy. For balance, you may want to opt for lighter furnishing to unify any bright arrangement.

For a sleek, minimalist outdoor space, you may want to keep things casual yet sophisticated. Styling with black and white outdoor cushions can create a fun and trendy decor theme. This classic duo never really goes out of style, no matter the season. Even better, it creates a comforting base that allows you the flexibility to bring in just about any colour. Throw in accents in different shades of blue and green for a soothing happy hour gathering — or confidently incorporate jewel-toned block colours to a pair of striped black and white for an eye-catching statement.

If a more soothing vibe is right up your alley, perhaps you’d want to stick to a nature-inspired scheme. Think wicker and rattan seating, natural textured fibres for visual depth, garden sculptures, and, of course, different shades of green outdoor cushions to keep things looking fresh. Bring in a few palm leaf prints to add to your display, and consider adding an outdoor rug for a pulled-together look. To add more visual interest, finish by suspending two or three planters filled with brightly coloured annuals.

To bring a chic touch during the summer, orange outdoor cushions pop effortlessly against a black and white backdrop. Green and orange also partner beautifully, lending charming and bold contrast to any patio, terrace or backyard setting. Using colourful patterns works wonders on wood, metal and wicker furniture. These bright hues work just as well in a neutral background of soft ivory, charcoal grey, black and white. For an eclectic feel, a colourful hammock or bold flower pots will round out a cosy and comfortable outdoor space.

A wooden backyard patio scene is pictured showing a collection of elegant and vibrant yellow and teal outdoor cushions arranged in and around some white furniture