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Three tropical outdoor cushions stacked outside on a wooden floor.

Tropical Outdoor Cushions

Immerse yourself in a vacation vibe with our tropical outdoor cushions. Perfect for adding an exotic touch to any patio or garden, these products feature vibrant designs inspired by lush jungles, vibrant flora, and exotic fauna. Each one has been crafted from premium UV and water-resistant fabric, that provides durability and style amidst the elements.

Why choose tropical outdoor cushions?

Tropical outdoor cushion covers are a fantastic way to add vibrancy to your space, and they can be easily paired with other designs from our outdoor cushion range. With their vivid colours and exotic patterns, these designs bring a sense of escapism and relaxation, reminiscent of a tropical paradise. From a design perspective, tropical themes are excellent for outdoor spaces as they complement the natural environment and add a playful, yet sophisticated touch. The bold prints, featuring elements like lush foliage, bright flowers, and exotic birds, create focal points and can turn a simple patio or garden into an inviting retreat.

How to style tropical outdoor cushions

The best way to use these designs is by choosing your favourite tropical outdoor cushion, for use as a focal point, and then pairing it with outdoor stripes or solids in a complementary colour. Whether you prefer a monochromatic look or a multi-coloured ensemble, our range caters to both. Our monochrome tropical designs, featuring various palm prints, offer a subtle yet exotic touch, perfect for those who prefer understated elegance. On the other hand, our multi-coloured options boast lively birds, lush foliage, and vivid flowers, intentionally incorporating multiple colours from our wider outdoor range. This allows you to combine these with solids and stripes in multiple colours because the tropical designs help coordinate and unify them all.