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A rust cushion sits in the middle of a wood coloured chair.

Rust Cushions

Hunting for that perfect rust hue to complement your space? Explore our assortment of rust cushions here and find your favourite! From the gentlest soft tones to the boldest, our collection includes different fabrics, sizes, and patterns to suit your style. The earthy and versatile nature of rust colour cushions complements a wide range of interior designs, making it easy to incorporate into your home.


Styling with rust cushions

Rust is an exceptional choice when decorating your home. Its warm and earthy tone brings a sense of cosiness and comfort to your living spaces, making it inviting and warm. Rust is remarkably versatile, and can effortlessly blend with a wide array of interior styles and colour schemes, giving you the freedom to experiment with your decor. Whether you opt for a gentle or bold rust cushions, it's a timeless colour that exudes elegance and charm.

What colours go with rust cushion covers?

Charcoal or soft grey
Picture the soothing shades of a mountain range, where rocky cliffs meet the fiery glow of a setting sun. Pairing rust cushion covers with deep charcoal or soft grey brings this vision to life in your living space. The muted, neutral tones of grey offer a serene backdrop, allowing the fiery warmth of rust to shine while keeping the ambiance balanced. It's a pairing that whispers modern elegance while maintaining a cosy, grounded feel.

Navy or deep blue
When you combine the warm, earthy tones of rust with the deep, sophisticated hues of navy or deep blue, you create a captivating blend in your decor. The deep tones of navy not only accentuate but also beautifully contrast rust's natural warmth, resulting in a rich and complementary colour palette. This distinctive pairing bridges the gap between rustic charm and modern elegance, offering a harmonious balance that adds both drama and luxury.

Chocolate brown or taupe
Think of the rich tones of tree bark or a cosy woodland cabin, nestled amidst the fiery hues of fall. Introducing chocolate brown or taupe alongside your rust coloured cushions is akin to embracing nature's deepest, cosiest tones. The blend of these colours feels like wrapping up in a plush blanket next to a roaring fire – deeply comforting, warmly inviting, and effortlessly timeless.

What colour sofas do rust cushions look best on?

Rust coloured cushions work wonderfully with neutral-coloured sofas such as beige, cream, or grey. They also complement deep brown or black sofas creating a rich contrast. Avoid pairing them with vibrant or clashing sofa colours like red or neon shades, as they can overpower the serene warmth that rust brings to your living space.