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Rectangle outdoor cushions have been styled together on a rattan single chair outside.

Rectangle Outdoor Cushions

Revitalise your outdoor area with the contemporary charm of our rectangle outdoor cushions. Offering a refreshing change from traditional squares, these designs complement a variety of outdoor seating, blending aesthetic appeal with functional comfort. Our collection spans a spectrum of colours and patterns, and has been crafted from high-quality UV and water-resistant fabric. They’ve been designed to endure the elements while enhancing your outdoor space.

Why choose rectangle outdoor cushions?

Rectangular designs offer a modern and sleek design element that can enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor area. Rectangular outdoor cushions are particularly suitable for outdoor spaces due to their versatility and functional shape. They fit comfortably on various types of outdoor furniture, from benches to chaise lounges, providing excellent support and comfort. From a design perspective, their elongated shape can make a space appear larger and more inviting. They also work well for layering with other shapes from our outdoor collection, creating a dynamic and stylish look that adds depth to your outdoor seating arrangement.

How to style rectangle outdoor cushions

Our entire range of outdoor designs has been crafted for effortless mix-and-match combinations. But our rectangle outdoor cushion covers, in particular, have been designed with their use as statement pieces in mind. Their shape is ideally suited for prominent display at the forefront of an arrangement, capturing attention with their striking designs. When building your set, consider selecting your favourite rectangle design first as the centrepiece. Then, work backwards and choose complementary pieces, like a matching large outdoor cushion, to layer behind it. You can either maintain a cohesive colour scheme throughout your collection or opt for a contrasting hue to make your rectangle really pop.