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A brown cushion sits on a chair in a corner scene.

Brown Cushions

Brown adds depth and evokes a natural look and feel. Whether you use it to make a bold design statement, or as a low-key sidekick to brighter hues, this colour is far from boring. Bring some warmth into your home with our range of brown cushions and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $150.


Styling with Brown Cushions

While it may not be the flashiest colour, there’s no denying the timeless elegance that brown possesses. Our range of brown cushions will make your interior feel safe and comfortable, grounded and at ease. If you are looking to bring in a contemporary touch, rather than displaying a variety of colours, opt for a collection of brown shades and experiment with texture. The consistency in tone and variation in texture introduces plenty of visual interest without the mess.

For a striking statement, play it up with dark brown cushions and introduce dramatic jewel tones for a rich and eclectic look. For example, team brown with deep regal purple hues for instant drama and a feeling of intimacy. Alternatively, you may pair your brown hues with gold tones to provide a cosy, luscious and opulent feel. This display is a clever way to add depth and extra dimension to a room that features decorative accents in shades of gold mustard and amber.

The colours you team with brown will always determine the personality of your space. In a room that possesses pastel colours such as restful shades of green, blue or pink; large velvet floor designs in brown will ground these hues and lend a sophisticated touch. Similarly, brown cushions bring refinement to a neutral room and give it a more modern twist when partnered nicely with white.

Brown cushions styled on a floor and teamed with teal designs

The same happens when brown tones are teamed with similar easy neutral shades including tan, taupe and beige. For example, larger dark brown blocks make for great outliners to 45cm cushion covers designs in softer tones. To achieve a cohesive look, add in some taupe cushions to the front of your brown themed arrangement. Here, you can opt for a mix of light and cool taupe tones to create a contemporary finish. Because taupe can be such a soothing neutral, it pairs just as well with vivid hues such as warm teal, forest green and navy blue.

If you’re seeking a modern and sleek look, you may want to opt for a mix of block and patterned brown cushion covers. Picking some cushions that have stripes, chevrons and other geometric shapes to complement your blocks can give your sofa a sense of structure. Varying your textures will also help create a space that you'll want to immerse yourself in. Pair velvet and cotton-linen fabrics so your interior feels inviting and tactile rather than flat and stark. Clean lines, minimal furnishings and a simple colour scheme that coordinates brilliantly with your arrangement will draw focus to the room’s modern sensibility.