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Tips for getting started

Selecting the right cushions for your room can be a daunting task. Well there is no need to fret, we’ve developed a simple buying guide to help you master the art of decorating with these wonderful things.

The Cushion Rules

Let’s start off with a few basic rules. If all you do is adhere to these 3 rules, then you can’t really go wrong…

  1. Never match your cushions to your sofa. Sometimes new sofas will come with a few matching pillows and if this is the case for you, pick them up and take them straight to Vinnies!
  2. Find your colour palette. Choose 2 to 3 central colours that are found in other fabrics or accent pieces throughout the room and use these as a basis for your selection.
  3. Have fun! Remember first and foremost to choose something you love. This is a great way to display your own personal style and you should choose something that you will love to look at every day.

Find your colour palette

Once you have your 2 to 3 central colours then you can start shopping. If you are going for a more modern look then you have a bit more creative freedom with your choice. We think you can have up to 6 different types as long as you stick to your central 2 to 3 colours that tie the sofas together and to the rest of the room.

If you’re into a more traditional style then it’s best to select an even number of matching covers. For example, select two cushions that complement each other and get 2 or 3 of each. If you’d like to know what colour cushions go with what colour sofa, we’ve created a handy article for this.

How many cushions should I put on my sofa?

As a general rule, three seater sofas can take up to six and two seater sofas can take up to four. This doesn’t mean you have to have this many but try to avoid going over this number so you have enough space to sit! For a modern look, use an odd number and place a different amount of at each end of your sofa. For example, 2 at one end and 1 at the other. For a more traditional style room, go for and even number, so 1 or 2 matching cushions at either end of the sofa. Read more about this here.

Cushion Covers: How important is fabric?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with a number of different textures but do try to stay within the one or two families of fabrics. Large prints on tightly woven fabrics such as cotton linen often provide the best result for modern rooms. But you could throw in a cable knit or faux fur to add some texture in your room.

Tips for buying cushions online

One of the more important things to check when buying cushions online is whether or not they come with an insert. Many people are just looking to update their style so they already have the inserts and they just want new covers. That’s why we offer a set price for the cushion cover and offer to add an insert if you need one.

It is also advisable to look for detailed and clear photos when browsing. The colour and/ or pattern will become the centrepiece of your room so use these images to choose carefully. The most important thing to check when buying anything online is the returns policy of the company you are buying it from. To protect yourself, and your purse, you must ensure that you can easily return your purchase if it does not meet your expectations. We offer 30 day exchanges and returns for all purchases.

How to care for your cushion covers

One of the most important questions is how to care for your cushions, particularly if you’re have a busy household where spills and accidents common. We have written a comprehensive guide just for this purpose and you can get all the info you need to ensure the extended life of your new purchase.