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A light coloured seat with three premium cushion covers styled in the corner of it.
A woman is arranging four cushions in a bedroom setting.
A rattan outdoor seat has two cushion covers on its left side.

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Jodi P. / SA

I am absolutely thrilled with the look and quality of the covers. They make my bed look like something out of a magazine.

Liz R. / NSW

I have ordered several cushions now and they are all wonderful colours and fantastic quality. This is my go to website for all cushions now!

Kristie K. / QLD

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Three cushions arranged at the end of light coloured seating.
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An outdoor setting that has three cushions styled on it.

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A woman is holding two cushions in her arms in a living room.

Why cushion covers?

Cushion covers are a quick and cost efficient way to refresh a sofa and your entire room. Cushion covers can be easily swapped out with the seasons or changed up when a new trend hits, meaning your living space can be updated with ease.

How to buy cushions…

1. Identify your colours

Knowing your room’s colours is the first place to start when shopping for cushions online. Cushions are a great way to tie everything together so look around your room and identify colours that stand out in your artwork, floor coverings, furniture or decor. Use our couch colour guide to ensure your chosen ones won’t clash. If your room has very few colours, then this is your chance to choose your favourites. Pick 1-3 colours that you’d like in your designs.

2. Decide how many cushions you need

The number of cushions you need will depend greatly upon your lounge size. Two or three sit beautifully on a two seater couch, while a large three-seater sofa can hold anywhere from three to six. Our number guide provides options for specific sofa sizes including large corner lounges. Don’t forget, you can use extra large sizes to create a cozy space on your floor. Decide on a number that suits your couch size and which will be practical.

3. Consider size, shape and texture

Create an interesting collection by combining cushion covers in different sizes, shapes and textures. Layering with different sizes and shapes adds depth as well as comfort. Different textures suit specific looks and contexts. Luxurious velvet adds elegance while linen and cotton are key during warmer seasons. If you’re selecting a collection for the outdoors, then water and UV resistant materials are imperative. Mix it up with different sizes, shapes and textures.

4. Shortlist then buy your cushions online

Once you’ve considered colour, number and style, shortlist the designs that interest you. When browsing, consider how you’ll arrange your collection as this may influence your final choice. For a quick and easy fix, try searching our pre-styled sets which have been hand-picked to coordinate with one another. Pare down your options and make your final selection knowing you can return them for an exchange or refund.