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Two black and white cushions arranged on light coloured seating outside.

Black and White Outdoor Cushions

Add a classic yet bold style into your outdoor living area with our black and white outdoor cushions. Crafted with UV and water-resistant materials, they are not only durable but also versatile, fitting seamlessly into any patio, deck, or garden setting. Choose from a variety of patterns, from striking stripes to intricate geometric designs, and elevate your outdoor decor.

Why choose black and white outdoor cushions?

Black and white outdoor cushion covers are the epitome of chic outdoor styling. This classic colour combination is known for its striking contrast and timeless appeal, effortlessly elevating any outdoor space. From a design perspective, black and white balance each other perfectly; white brightens and enlivens, while black grounds and defines. This makes them the perfect backdrop to more punchy colours like outdoor orange or yellow. This duo is versatile, easily integrating with various themes, from minimalist modern to bold eclectic. Ideal for outdoor settings, these colours hide wear and stay looking fresh, making them a practical yet stylish choice.

How to style black and white outdoor cushions

Our black and white outdoor cushions are designed for easy pairing with each other, simplifying the creation of stylish arrangements. Keep things simple and craft your collection in the same black and white colours, combining different patterns such as a solid colour, a stripe, and a feature design such as a palm print. Alternatively, integrate patterns in colours that complement or contrast, like a stylish green or a perfect outdoor pink which looks fantastic with black and white. When arranging your set, start with the largest designs at the back, then progressively scale down to smaller sizes towards the front, to ensure a look that is stylish and inviting.