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Five outdoor sofa cushions arranged on a seat out on a deck.

Outdoor Sofa Cushions

Sets of 5

Does your outdoor sofa need some style? Breathe new life into it with our delightful collection of outdoor sofa cushions. Explore our specially chosen assortment, designed specifically with modern outdoor furniture in mind. Each ensemble showcases 5 perfectly matched, weatherproof designs, ensuring your outdoor sofa gets the update it deserves. Choose the design that captures your heart and use them to enhance your space in minutes.

Styling with outdoor sofa cushion covers

Our journey to craft the ultimate outdoor sofa cushion covers has been a labour of love. We first put time into establishing the magic number needed for the typical spacious outdoor sofa. We settled on five, it not only utilises the extra space beautifully but also follows the classic design principle of odds, giving the collection a natural flow. We then began experimenting with many combinations of our products to find arrangements that made the most of the interplay between colour, size and pattern. The result are these collections that play wonderfully together and offer an extensive number of arrangement opportunities.

How to choose outdoor sofa cushions

Just like choosing outdoor lounge cushions, the best way to choose your outdoor sofa cushions begins by spending some quality time in your outdoor area and exploring its colours. Scan your surrounds and take note of any prominent colours on walls, floors, or decorative pieces. Now, shift your attention to your outdoor sofa and take note of its colour. The colour of your seating is crucial as it’ll be your backdrop. Neutral outdoor sofa? You're in luck, most designs will play well. But if your sofa sports a distinct colour, use a colour wheel to quickly identify complementary or contrasting shades. Next consider any other colours you saw in your space. Is there any way you can integrate them into your choice? Taking the time to consider the colours of your seating and space will really help hone your choices.

Things to look for in quality outdoor sofa cushions

Weatherproof material
For outdoor sofa cushions that truly last, opt for fabric that's both waterproof and UV resistant. This combination helps prevent degrading and fading. Our premium range offers a waterproof design that safeguards your cushion inserts. Plus, with a 400-hour colour fastness rating, they resist fading beautifully. Direct sun exposure isn't great for any cushion, so shade them when not in use.

Double sided
Not all outdoor sofa cushions are created equal. Some suppliers opt to make them with only one side featuring the pattern or print. This can leave you with a set that can only be used one way and with a look that feels less luxe. Our range features a double sided design so however you arrange them, you'll know that their best side is always showing.