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Five sofa cushions styled in a living room below artwork.

Sofa Cushions

Sets of 5

Has your sofa lost its spark? Our sofa cushions are here to reignite its style. Every piece from our meticulously curated collection has been designed with the modern living room in mind. Each bundle contains 5 beautifully matched designs, just the right number for your three seat sofa! We’ve handpicked the colours, considered the mix of sizes, and hand felt the fabrics. Over to you for the fun part of picking your favourites!

Styling with sofa cushions

Our journey to design the ultimate sofa cushion set has been both thoughtful and thorough. With the extra space that sofas provide over smaller couches, there's an opportunity to flaunt more designs. Five designs hits the sweet spot, balancing aesthetics with everyday functionality perfectly. This choice plays nicely with the 'odd groupings' design technique, making everything look effortlessly put together and giving you an abundance of arrangement options. Our design team has tirelessly explored and refined various combinations, playing and experimenting with different colours, sizes, and patterns. What we have settled on is a perfectly curated range, ready to infuse your sofa with style and charm.

Why you should regularly swap out your sofa cushions

The beauty of using sofa cushion covers, as opposed to non-removable types, is that you can easily change out your designs for a different cushion cover set without significant cost. There are notable moments when a change beckons. Each season, for instance, gracefully invites a decor shuffle; imagine the warm hues of autumn or the vibrant splash of spring on your sofa, beautifully mirroring nature's own palette and vibe. Trends shift too, giving you a playful chance to try out the latest in design without the deep dive of a full room makeover.

How to get the most out of your sofa cushions

Layer your collection
Experimenting with layering maximises the potential of your selected designs. Start by establishing a solid base with larger designs to create depth. Then layer varying fabrics in smaller sizes to add tactile richness. Finish is off with a central highlight design to serve as a captivating focal point. Play with different layering arrangements to find what looks best.

Invest in quality inserts
For sofa cushion covers that truly shine, premium cushion inserts are the secret. Quality inserts are malleable and hold their shape, including the chic 'chop look' which is favoured by interior designers. They make a big difference to the final look of your arrangement. They're also a lasting investment; unlike cheaper alternatives, they won't leave you with flat, lifeless products over time.