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A patterned cushion has been placed on a single chair with a small vase and throw nearby.

Patterned Cushions

Ready to give your space a makeover but not sure where to start? Look no further than our collection of patterned cushions! Whether you’re into classic motifs or modern prints, our wide selection has something for everyone in a range of colours and sizes. Patterns can introduce a dynamic visual element that solid-colours cannot offer, helping to make a space feel more lively and interesting.


Styling with patterned cushions

Patterned cushions are a designer's secret weapon. They breathe life into spaces, adding a vibrancy that solid-coloured furnishings often miss out on. These designs contrast beautifully against solid coloured sofas, turning regular seating into eye-catching centrepieces. Their real charm? Versatility. Feel like a decor refresh? Just switch the patterns. No fuss, no big expenses. And it's not just about aesthetics; it's about expression. Whether you're drawn to vintage charm, modern graphics, or global motifs, there's a design to mirror your personality.

How to decorate with patterned cushion covers

Floral + stripe + solid
Crafting the perfect patterned cushion cover arrangement can be as simple as blending three diverse styles: a classic stripe, a gorgeous floral print, and a solid colour. The secret sauce to this effortless recipe is maintaining a common colour thread across each design. By doing so, you weave disparate designs into a harmonious trio that's both eye-catching and cohesive.

Small print + large print + solid
Another easy strategy for working with patterns involves combining a small print, a large print, and a solid colour together. Again having a common colour that is present in all the designs will really help this approach work. Find two patterns in different sizes that play off each other. Then, find a solid colour that will help connect these two patterns together.

Common styling mistakes with patterned cushions

When refreshing your space with patterned cushions, it's easy to get carried away. One common misstep is overloading on patterns. While they can bring a room to life, too many can make a room feel overly busy. Remember to balance them out with some solid colours; they offer a visual breather amidst the designs. Texture, often overlooked, plays a vital role too. Beyond just the visual appeal, combining different textures, like linen and sumptuous boucle cushions, in your collection adds depth and ensures your space doesn't feel flat. Lastly, while it's fun to experiment with diverse patterns, always find a unifying colour. This shared tone will help tie everything together.