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Three large outdoor cushions stacked on top of each other on a timber floor.

Large Outdoor Cushions

Create a luxurious and inviting space with our large outdoor cushions. These generously sized designs provide the ultimate comfort and style for spacious patios and decks, allowing you to lounge in luxury. In our collection, you’ll find a wide array of colours and patterns, each crafted from UV and water-resistant fabric to ensure they stand the test of time and weather.

Why choose large outdoor cushions?

Large outdoor cushion covers are a design staple for creating a luxurious and comfortable outdoor space. From a design perspective, this size is wonderful because it adds a sense of opulence and comfort, inviting relaxation and leisure. Their ample size makes them perfect for spacious outdoor seating areas, such as sectionals or amongst outdoor lounge cushion covers, where they can provide substantial support and comfort. Large outdoor designs can also serve as statement pieces, drawing the eye and adding visual interest to your outdoor decor. They can also be used to bring together the space's colours, patterns and textures, and are ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere that's perfect for entertaining in your outdoor area.

How to style large outdoor cushions

Discover the simplicity of styling with our range, where each piece has been designed for easy coordinating. Our large outdoor cushions have been specially crafted as foundational elements for a collection. Their substantial size makes them perfect for positioning at the back of an arrangement, where they act as a canvas for smaller, decorative pieces like outdoor rectangle designs in the forefront. Many of our large outdoor designs feature bold block colours or elegant stripes, acting as ideal backdrops in any arrangement. When selecting your set, consider choosing your favourite large outdoor design first. Then, find smaller, contrasting, or complementing designs that you can position in front of it to create a dynamic, visually captivating set.