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Three boucle cushions have been stacked against a white wall.

Boucle Cushions

Looking for a soft, stylish refresh for your space? You might just fall in love with our boucle cushions! Not only are they sumptuously soft due to their looped yarn, but the rich tactile nature of the boucle introduces a touch of luxury to any space. Dive into our thoughtfully curated collection and find your ideal size and colour.

Styling with boucle cushions

Boucle is a French word that translates to curled or looped and in textiles refers to this wonderfully curly fabric. With their distinctive texture, white boucle cushions add depth and character to a room, and their unparalleled softness makes them perfect for when you're lounging around. Beyond their tactile allure, this fabric is known for its durability, making these designs a lasting addition to your home. Additionally, when it comes to layering textures in a room, boucle provides a perfect base, harmonising well with other fabric types for a rich, multi-dimensional look.

How to decorate with boucle cushion covers?

Contrasting fabrics
To let the distinctive looped texture of boucle cushion covers really shine, try teaming them with different fabrics. Pair them with velvet for a mix of smooth luxury and comfy cosiness. Or, if you're going for a natural feel, linen's the way to go. Linen has an earthy vibe that complements boucle beautifully. Mix and match, and you'll see how the designs pop even brighter with these fun contrasts.

Pure boucle
Want a cosy yet dynamic look? Create an arrangement using only boucle designs in a variety of different sizes. Mixing large and small ones together creates visual depth and a look that’s rich in texture. The use of just one fabric makes your space uniquely inviting and is perfect for creating a cosy bedroom space. Play with contrasting colours for a space that becomes inviting and lively.

How to care for boucle cushions?

Caring for boucle fabric is straightforward, and helps ensure your designs remain plush and inviting over time. Always begin by consulting the care label for specific guidelines. Where possible, it’s recommended to spot clean any small marks with mild detergent first over machine washing them. Avoid rubbing, as this can distress the loops of the boucle material. For periodic freshness, give them a light vacuum using an upholstery attachment. Our boucle cushions can be machine washed on a delicate cycle, but do this sparingly to help prolong their life and always dry them flat to help maintain their shape.