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Four cushion inserts in different sizes are arranged on a bed.

Cushion Inserts

A beautiful cover deserves a premium insert. Quality cushion inserts should be plump, hold their shape and be durable. There’s nothing worse than a sad, flat cushion! If you’ve purchased lovely new covers, it makes sense to invest in inserts that will do them justice. Oh and if you love animals, you should never touch a feather insert again! That’s why we’ve intentionally transitioned away from polyester and feather and now exclusively offer microblend cushion inserts. Known also as a down alternative, these products are a more ethical, healthier and stylish choice.

Holds the ‘chop’ look

The 'chop' is a styling technique where your cushions are fluffed up, then chopped at the top using your hand to create a luxurious and elegant look. Our cushion inserts allow you to achieve this with ease due to their filling. They're easy to shape and style, making them a favourite among interior designers and stylists.

100% cruelty free

Many feather cushion inserts are sourced overseas where animal welfare standards can be low or voluntary. Live plucking and poor, cramped living conditions are devastating realities of feather and down products. Our commitment to cruelty-free products ensures your comfort doesn't come at the expense of others.

A hand is chopping a cushion insert to show its shape keeping properties.

Made to last years

Our cushion inserts are designed to last years and years. Polyester inserts lose their shape quickly and have fragile covers that can tear easily. Our inserts retain their shape through their unique microblend fibres and the 100% Japara cotton cover is incredibly durable and stain-resistant, enhancing the insert's lifespan.

Plump and shape retaining

Microblend filling offers better shape than feather and polyester. Feather inserts flatten quickly and require frequent 'fluffing up'. Polyester varieties clump often and fail to fill to the corners as well. Our Microblend filling is exceedingly comfortable, has wonderful shape retention, and keeps its plumpness over time.

A comparison shot between two cushion inserts. The 'ours' labelled one has the chop look while the 'theirs' labelled one is bloated and has no shape.

Made in Australia

We love supporting a fellow Australian business! Our cushion inserts are proudly made in Victoria, by a family-owned operation that supports a robust local workforce. We also use shared road freight from our supplier, consciously minimising the environmental impact associated with air freight.

Use inside or outside

Looking for outdoor cushion inserts? Our products are the single solution you need to elegantly style your couch, beds, or outdoor spaces. Their unique composition enables them to repel water and resist mildew, making them perfect for indoor comfort and outdoor resilience alike. Enjoy stylish comfort anywhere with these versatile inserts.

An arm is holding out a cushion insert.

Easy to clean

Feather and polyester inserts can be tricky to clean and often lose their shape or smell after washing. Our microblend cushion inserts are different! If they need a freshen up, you can conveniently machine wash and tumble dry them. We recommend a warm, separate machine wash followed by a warm tumble dry.

Hypoallergenic and odourless

Our cushion inserts are a game changer for those with allergies, thanks to their hypoallergenic properties. They have no animal contaminants or the unpleasant odour commonly associated with feather inserts. Plus, every component is OEKOTEX standard 100 tested, ensuring the absence of harmful substances.

Find your size

We stock a variety of popular sizes that have been tested to perfectly fit our range of products. We have 30x50 cushion inserts for our rectangle designs, 45x45 cushion inserts to suit our regular square products, and 55x55 cushion inserts for our larger sized styles. We also conveniently bundle together inserts to suit our sets so that getting set up is easy.

A mother duck with her ducklings. No animal products are used in our cushion inserts.