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Four bed cushions styled in a bright bedroom.

Bed Cushions

Sets of 4

Bedroom feeling stale? Brighten it up with our exquisite range of bed cushions! Dive in and discover a selection that has been hand-picked especially for dreamy vibes. Our collections boast 4 beautifully paired bedroom cushions, because we believe that’s the sweet spot for beds. We’ve played matchmaker with colours, sizes and fabrics. Your part? Just pick what feels right for your room.

Styling with bedroom cushions

We've poured time and heartfelt consideration into curating our collection of bedroom cushions, knowing just how vital they are to your comfort and aesthetics. Each of our quality sets has been made from premium fabrics, with textures, colours and beautiful patterns that have been chosen to play well and designed to be arranged with ease. Four designs is the magic number. It offers symmetry, the ideal number-to-comfort ratio, and keeps your bed from feeling overcrowded. Our design team has explored countless combinations to nail the perfect interplay of colour, pattern, and texture. The result? A gorgeous range that's poised to breathe new life into your bedroom.

How to choose bed cushions

When it comes to choosing cushions for beds, it's essential to first cast a keen eye on the bedding they'll grace. Like many design decisions, understanding the backdrop of your arrangement is pivotal. A largely neutral or muted bedspread gifts you a canvas that can accommodate a vast array of designs. For those with brighter, more vibrant bedding, a bit more thought is required. For these scenarios, consulting a colour wheel can guide you to complementary or contrasting shades to explore. And remember, a bustling bedspread laden with patterns begs for calmer companions like plain solid cushions, and the reverse also holds true. Remember that your duvet or doona sets the stage, it’s the golden ticket to picking the perfect designs.

Common styling mistakes with bed cushions

Overdoing it
There's a fine line between cosy and chaotic. While these designs are fantastic for adding a touch of personality, going overboard might leave you regretting your decisions. Just remember that each one will likely need to be removed and added each day, which could quickly become a problem if your collection gets out of hand.

Mismatched themes
Imagine a serene beach-themed bedroom, then picture the bed laced with neon geometric designs. Feels a tad off, right? Bedroom cushions should be an extension of your room's story, not a subplot that's in a different genre. Before choosing, ask yourself, "Do these designs flow with my room's vibe?" It’s all about creating a harmonious look.