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A cushion set is shown on a bed that has been styled.

Cushion Sets

Looking for a quick and easy way to update your home? Our cushion sets are the answer! Explore our diverse collection – each one carefully crafted by our design experts to offer you a cohesive and stylish look. Our sets of cushions save you time with all of the tedious curation and coordination of colour, sizing and fabric all done for you.

Styling with sets of cushions

Our pre-styled sets of cushions are a fantastic choice for effortless home transformation. Carefully and thoughtfully curated by our design experts, these sets bring instant style to your space. With the time consuming coordinating of colours and patterns done for you, they save you the hassle of mixing and matching on your own. Just like our outdoor sets, they’re perfect for those with limited time or interest in creating an arrangement from scratch. Plus, the versatility of our sets means you can change up your look with ease. Simply swap out your covers with a new batch when the seasons change or when you yearn for a new look.

How to choose a cushion cover set

When it comes to selecting the perfect cushion cover set, there are two key factors to keep in mind; 1) your room's existing colours, and 2) your room’s existing decor. Begin by taking note of colours that are already present in your room's palette. Look at any wall art, rugs, furniture or other decor items for ideas. Then search for sets with shades that complement or echo one or two of these colours. This will help your collection easily fit into your space. Next, consider how the set's themes or patterns align with your decor style. Have a coastal vibe throughout your living room, maybe don’t opt for that farmhouse inspired collection! Choosing a bundle that coordinates with your room’s decor style will ensure a more cohesive look.

How many to use in a cushion set

Choosing the right number in your set of cushions is all about matching it to the furniture you'll be using it on. Picture trying to fit a generous 5 piece arrangement onto a tiny armchair - it just wouldn't be practical. To strike the perfect balance, consider the following. For small armchairs or seats: a single design or a set of two can work wonders. If you have a 2 seater couch, a grouping of three looks perfectly proportioned. Meanwhile a 3 seater sofa shines with a set of 5. For a queen or king bed, the symmetry of a group of 4 can provide perfect balance. And if you're dealing with larger lounges or modulars, don't hesitate to experiment with larger numbers. The key is to enhance the space while preserving the furniture's functionality.