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Two blue outdoor cushions are sitting on a rattan seat outside.

Blue Outdoor Cushions

Infuse tranquillity and serene elegance into your outdoor area with our range of blue outdoor cushions. Featuring beautiful solids, bold stripes, and dazzling prints, these gems are available in various sizes and are perfect for enhancing your outdoor gatherings. Pair them with similar shades or contrast with other colours for a unique look. Each one has been constructed from UV and water-resistant fabric, ensuring excellent durability.

Why choose blue outdoor cushions?

Known for their calming and refreshing qualities, our blue outdoor cushion covers are a fantastic choice for enhancing decks or updating outdoor lounges. Blue evokes the serenity of the sky and sea, bringing a sense of tranquillity and spaciousness. This colour is versatile, easily complementing both natural surroundings and various architectural styles. Whether aiming for a nautical theme, a Mediterranean vibe, or a simple contemporary look, our blue designs add depth and a relaxing ambiance. Their ability to blend with other colours and patterns also makes them ideal for diverse outdoor decorating schemes.

How to style blue outdoor cushions

Our blue outdoor cushions have been designed for effortless mixing and matching, making it easy to create the perfect arrangement. Want to keep things all blue? Just blend our various patterns together. A simple recipe that works every time is; a solid blue, a blue stripe, and a feature piece like a geometric or palm in blue. For a more colourful look, add patterns in complementary or contrasting colours. Our black outdoor designs and our greys work wonderfully with our blue. When assembling your collection, start with the largest at the back and gradually layer smaller designs in front, finishing with your chosen feature piece.