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Three floral cushions in several colours sit stacked on top of each other.

Floral Cushions

Transform your room’s look with our delightful range of floral cushions. Our specially curated collection features everything from intricate patterns to larger motifs that all embrace the beauty of flowers. They work wonderfully as part of a collection and make beautiful statement pieces. Shop our range and enjoy free shipping on orders over $150, easy returns and friendly customer service.


Styling with Floral Cushions

When it comes to floral cushions, each pattern has its own personality that’s reflected by style, size and colour — and each has the ability to add life and joy to a space. The fluidity of these prints adds a playful note and lends visual and tactile softness to any setting. Perfect for indoor spaces and equally great when used in lush tropical outdoor cushions that add comfort and style to patio seating.

To set the tone for your blooming interior, consider which style is best suited for your home. Ditsy prints are perfect for creating a timeless, playful vibe, particularly when used in a pastel colourway, while more traditional designs will contribute to a sophisticated and romantic scheme. Modern flower cushions tend to avoid looking overly feminine and often feature more daring, abstract floral motifs that serve as the rooms’ enveloping focal point. Consider the range of leaf cushions that are popular now and have been stylised for this purpose. If you’re feeling brave, don’t hesitate to have some fun with your display by layering both vintage and contemporary prints for an eclectic look.

Choosing your colour scheme depends on the size and scale of the florals you use. For a fresh, tailored and designer finish, consider greens and whites with pops of pink — for a cosy, more intimate space, go bold with dark designs in deep blue hues and mix these with some large block coloured 55cm cushion covers. Alternatively, you may pick a collection of floral cushions and build your rooms’ decor around them by pulling colours from the patterns. For instance, large-scale flower cushions can work as a primary source of inspiration; from them you decide the colours, textures and shapes of the furniture, accessories to pair them with and textile to incorporate into your home.

In this image an outdoor sofa is shown decorated with an arrangement of floral cushions in pink and blue while a small table sits in the foreground with a bottle of wine and glasses

Colour options for floral cushion covers

Pink floral cushion covers are often the go-to pieces if you are looking to create a feminine and chic decor scheme. Pale, soft prints are also the hallmark of spring-inspired palettes. Designs in bright magenta can tie everything together in a neutral contemporary setting. Punches of mint green and lavender also complement pinks beautifully. In a space dressed in such delicate hues of pink, mint and lavender, bring in an accent piece of furniture or artwork featuring all the shades to help tie the room together.

When planning to style with this pattern type, it’s important to emphasise one colour. This works really well in a room with a base white or neutral colour palette. To keep it from feeling too sterile and flat, introduce at least one pop of colour. Here, using various shades of blue floral cushions in cotton-linen textures works especially well. Subtle shades of blue, like royal blue cushions, offer a soothing atmosphere that feels equally bright, fresh and almost tropical. You can create a similar effect with another spring favourite shade such as canary, olive green or lilac.