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A 55x55 cushion cover sits to the side on a light coloured armchair.

55×55 Cushion Covers

Want to make a big and bold statement in your home? Check out our 55×55 cushion covers. Let’s help you find that perfect colour or pattern in our rich and diverse collection. Their 55cm size allows them to be styled in various ways, whether piled together, layered with smaller designs, or used as standalone statement pieces.

Styling with 55cm cushion covers

There’s a lot to love about 55cm cushion covers. Imagine them as expansive canvases ready to showcase bold patterned designs, or as the perfect tools to introduce an eye-popping contrast in a monochrome setting. But their appeal doesn't stop at visual allure. They're champions of adaptability, effortlessly transitioning from your couch to the floor. Hosting a video night or diving into a new book? Their plushness ensures you're comfortably cradled wherever you choose to lounge. In essence, their large dimensions combine style and function, making them indispensable in modern homes.

How to decorate with 55 x 55 cushion covers

Visual impact
Ever walked into a room and something immediately caught your eye? That's the kind of magic 55cm x 55cm cushions bring to a space. Their generous size and potential for bold designs or colours make them a centrepiece, almost like artwork for your sofa or bed. Think of them as your room's delightful conversation starter, effortlessly elevating the space's ambience and giving it a distinct character. When chosen thoughtfully, these designs can be your style anchors, subtly guiding the aesthetic direction of the entire room.

Flexible seating
We've all had those moments, unexpected guests arrive or you’re suddenly the host of a spontaneous get-together. This is where the true versatility of 55cm x 55cm cushion covers comes into play. While they look fantastic on a couch or chair, their adaptability doesn't end there. Simply lay them on the floor, and voila! You've got an inviting, chic seating arrangement that's perfect for board games, a casual chat, or even an indoor picnic. They effortlessly bridge the gap between structured seating and a more laid-back, informal vibe, making your home ready for any occasion.