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A red outdoor cushion is sitting on a single chair.

Red Outdoor Cushions

Use our red outdoor cushions to add a touch of bold sophistication to your outdoor living area. Perfect for creating a statement on your patio or deck, this collection offers a striking red hue that exudes warmth and vibrancy. Our range includes a variety of sizes, from eye-catching rectangles to larger squares, and an array of patterns. Best of all, they’re crafted from premium UV and water-resistant fabric.

Why choose red outdoor cushions?

Incorporating our red outdoor cushion covers into your garden or patio can create a bold and inviting atmosphere. Red is known for its dynamic and energising qualities, making it a popular choice for outdoor areas where socialising and entertainment are common. From a design perspective, red can bring warmth and depth, drawing attention and making a statement. It pairs well with natural greenery, offering a striking contrast, and complements neutrals for a balanced look. Using red on your outdoor lounge is a great way to add a touch of passion and vibrancy, perfect for enlivening any outdoor gathering.

How to style red outdoor cushions

Time to get creative and build your set. Luckily, our red outdoor cushions have been designed for seamless mixing and matching, offering you the flexibility to create the perfect arrangement. For a striking monochromatic theme, pair different patterns like; a solid red, a red stripe, and finish it with a red floral or geometric print. To introduce diversity, consider complementing the red with our outdoor navy range for a vibrant contrast, or soft beige for a more subdued elegance. When arranging your new set, begin with the largest ones at the back and layer in your smaller design towards the front. Play around with different arrangements to find what you love.