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Three couch cushions are arranged in the corner of a seat.

Couch Cushions

Sets of 3

Dreaming of a living room makeover? Let our couch cushions inspire you! Browse our striking collection here and see how each one has been thoughtfully and specifically curated for use on couches. Each collection contains 3 perfectly coordinated designs, the ideal number for a small couch. All you have to do is choose the ones that speak to your own style and taste.

Styling with couch cushions

We've put a lot of thought into what makes the perfect couch cushion set. Recognising that couches are typically smaller than regular sofas, it makes sense to adorn them with fewer designs. Using three designs strikes the ideal balance! It maximises the space's aesthetic appeal while retaining its practicality. This trio approach also adheres to the design principle of odd groupings, giving a more organic look than even numbers. Our design team has iterated over and over again to find different combinations that perfectly compliment each other and make use of different aspects including their colour, shape, size and design. What we offer is a collection that is flawlessly curated and ready to go.

How to choose couch cushion covers

As with outdoor couch cushions, choosing the right indoor couch cushion covers boils down to a couple of thoughtful considerations. Firstly, look for collections that incorporate a predominant colour that is already evident in your room's surroundings. Whether it's the shade of your curtains, an accent wall, or even a beloved piece of art. Doing this will ensure the final look is connected and aligned. Secondly, it's essential to pick groupings that blend well with the current style you have going on in your room. If your space exudes a modern minimalist vibe, a boho-chic collection might look out of place. Aligning your choices with your room's style ensures everything feels like part of a well-thought-out design.

Common styling mistakes with couch cushions

Going overboard
It's tempting to layer on the couch cushions, thinking more equals better. But remember, your couch still needs to function as a comfy seating space. Using too many can make it feel cramped and deter guests from making themselves at home. After all, you want your couch to be an inviting place, not an obstacle course.

Matchy matchy
It's a common trap. You find a pattern or colour you adore and suddenly, every couch cushion you own looks identical. While a coordinated look has its place, it's also fun to mix things up. Think complementary rather than identical. Different patterns, textures, or even a surprise pop of colour can break the monotony, adding depth and a personal touch to your space.