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An olive green cushion has been placed on a modern armchair.

Olive Green Cushions

Love olive green but can’t find the tone that feels just right? Your search ends here! Explore our collection of olive green cushions and let the perfect one find you. Whether it’s a soft pastel or a deeper tone, our range boasts a variety of fabrics, sizes, and unique designs. Each of our olive cushions carries the timeless elegance of this colour, blending classic charm with fresh appeal.

Styling with olive green cushions

Olive green strikes a harmonious balance in home decor, offering both warmth and elegance. This versatile colour complements a wide range of interior design styles and colours, and can act as your calming backdrop or its own standout accent. Whether you're aiming for a nature-inspired sanctuary or a chic, contemporary space, olive green cushions seamlessly fit the bill. Beyond aesthetics, they exude timeless appeal, ensuring your space feels both classic and refreshingly modern.

What colours go with olive green cushion covers?

Terracotta or burnt orange
Imagine the rich, earthy hues of a sunset landscape, where the greens of the fields are complemented by the fiery hues of the setting sun. Your olive cushion covers, with their earthy depth, find a spirited partner in the warm undertones of terracotta and burnt orange. Together, they echo nature's timeless beauty, crafting an ambiance that's rustic, cosy, and inviting. It's as if you've bottled the essence of autumn evenings and infused it into your living space.

Cream or beige
When you team olive green with the soft neutrals of cream or beige, you craft a harmonious and welcoming ambiance in your space. These neutral tones not only complement but also provide a gentle backdrop that accentuates the rich, earthy hues of olive green. Together, they form a balanced and comforting colour palette that exudes organic warmth. This duo brings a sense of calm and timeless elegance.

Deep blues or navy
Think of a quiet lakeside view, where the deep green foliage reflects on the serene blue waters. Introducing olive green cushions alongside deep blues or navy captures this tranquil imagery. The cool, sophisticated tones of blue offer a refreshing counterbalance to olive's warmth, adding depth and a touch of elegance. It's a blend that's both grounding and rejuvenating, perfect for those seeking a calm oasis amidst their bustling lives.

What colour sofas do olive green cushions look best on?

Olive cushions beautifully complement neutral-coloured sofas, especially those that are beige, white, or grey. They also stand out on deeper shades like navy or burgundy. It's best to avoid placing them on sofas that are overly bright or in clashing colours like intense reds or oranges, as they can overwhelm the serene nature of the olive green.