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A terracotta cushion positioned vertically on a dark timber stool.

Terracotta Cushions

Eager to find the perfect terracotta shade for your home? Dive into our extensive collection of terracotta cushions to unlock a world of styling possibilities. Our range features an array of designs in various shades, from classic prints to bold block colours. Terracotta’s timeless quality ensures that your interior will stay stylish and relevant for years to come.

Styling with terracotta cushions

Incorporating terracotta into your home brings both aesthetic charm and practical advantages. This warm and earthy tone creates an inviting ambiance, making your space feel cosy and welcoming. Even better, this colour can also transcend the seasons. It can evoke feelings of warmth in the colder months and seamlessly transition into the sunny, outdoor-inspired vibes of spring and summer. This adaptability ensures that your terracotta cushions remain relevant throughout the year.

What colours go with terracotta cushion covers?

Soft cream or beige
Picture a sunlit village nestled amidst rolling hills, where old-world charm meets the soft embrace of dawn. Terracotta cushion covers paired with soft cream or a lovely beige is like capturing this gentle morning glow in your space. Creamy neutrals bring out the best in terracotta, emphasising its warmth while offering a light, airy counterpart. It’s a palette reminiscent of timeless getaways, offering a comforting embrace, like the gentle touch of morning sunlight against ancient cobblestone streets.

Charcoal or soft grey
Pairing terracotta with charcoal or soft grey emphasises the colour’s vibrant warmth. The neutral undertones of grey provide a calming foundation, allowing the deep, earthy hues to take centre stage. This combination brings together the contemporary appeal of grey with the classic charm of terracotta, creating a balanced and harmonious look suitable for various decor styles.

Mustard or golden yellow
Envision a sun-drenched field, where golden hues dance amidst the warm embrace of the setting sun. Combining your terracotta cushions with warm mustard or golden yellow is akin to bringing this sunlit canvas to life in your living space. The bright and sunny undertones of mustard amplify the earthy warmth of terracotta, crafting an ambiance filled with optimism and zest. It's as if you've bottled those fleeting golden hour moments, creating a space that radiates joy and warmth.

What colour sofas do terracotta cushions look best on?

Terracotta cushions complement neutral coloured sofas, such as white, beige, and light grey. They add warmth and vibrancy to these colours. To keep things balanced, avoid pairing terracotta with sofas in similar warm tones like deep red or orange. If you have a brown sofa, ensure there is enough contrast between the colours.