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A tropical cushion styled on a tall timber stool.

Tropical Cushions

Use our range of tropical cushions to turn your home into a lush and inviting sanctuary. Beautiful green hues combine with rainforest inspired visuals for a fresh, relaxed look. Order yours today and get free shipping on orders over $150 and the peace of mind of our 30 day easy returns.


Styling with Tropical Cushions

When you decorate your home with tropical colours, there’s no need to ever long for paradise. Our stunning range of tropical cushion covers are the perfect pieces to accentuate your living space — ranging from eye-catching beachy hues like sunshine yellow and coral pink. When layered to complement your existing decor scheme, or partnered with vibrant palm cushions, these designs are sure to lift your spirits all year long. And if you’re faced with winter blues, bold and warmer colours could be the next best way to hit refresh.

Infusing your interior space with seaside vibes can make it feel warm, welcoming and even lend a classic island charm. Tropical cushions in island hues like aqua, coral, dark blue, flamingo and vibrant orange instantly bring to mind warm waters and calm sea breezes. Definitely the summer sizzle you need for an uplifted and happy atmosphere. Even better, these vivid hues pair beautifully with neutral tones such as brilliant white, reedy beige, soft and dark grey, deep navy and wood tones.

A set of tropical cushions arranged on a lounge in an outdoor scene with trees in the background and food on a table in the foreground.

A trick to an elegant and enchanting lush palette involves a combination of block and patterned styles in two or three jewel tones with one soft pastel or neutral hue. Some classic pairings may include a mix of tropical outdoor cushions in botanical and striped patterns in ruby red, emerald green, and pale beige; or mid-night blue, emerald green and butter yellow. The key is to layer in at least one neutral or pastel colour, such as some olive cushions, to help ground the intense colours.

While you could go big with an array of tropical cushions in bold and punchy colours, you certainly don’t need to overdo it with the rest of the room's decorative accents. Designs paired with bright artwork pack a mighty impact even if the rooms base furnishings are in neutral tones. Too much vibrant colour can be overwhelming. In addition, a combination of subtle and rough textures goes a long way in adding depth and dimension to the scheme of things.