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Peach cushions styled on a single light coloured armchair with wooden arms.

Peach Cushions

Dive into the soft, warm embrace of our peach cushions, where comfort meets chic in every piece. This delightful assortment showcases a range of peach coloured cushions, each designed to add a touch of springtime cheer and cosy warmth to your living space. Whether you’re looking to refresh your room with subtle elegance or a pop of pastel charm, these designs will help brighten up your home and uplift your spirits.

Styling with peach cushions

Peach cushions are like a cosy embrace for your home, bringing instant warmth and an inviting glow to any room. Their soft hue enhances the comfort and brightness of spaces, especially those lacking in natural light, and can help create an airier and more open feel. Peach tones also naturally complement wooden furniture and natural fibres, which can increase the organic feel of a room and help integrate your other decor items. Whether you're looking to cosy up a favourite nook or brighten a dim corner, peach offers a versatile and stylish solution, making every space feel more welcoming and beautifully balanced.

What colours go with peach cushions?

Navy blue
Pairing peach cushion covers with navy blue ones creates a sophisticated and modern look that’s both striking and timeless. Navy blue's deep, rich tones provide a stunning contrast to the softness of peach, making the space feel grounded yet vibrant. This combination is perfect for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their room while keeping it warm and welcoming.

Light grey
Light grey works wonderfully alongside peach and brings a serene and balanced ambiance to any space. This combination is all about creating a subtle, harmonious look that feels relaxed and inviting. The neutrality of light grey allows the peach to stand out without overwhelming the senses. It’s an ideal choice for creating a calm, cohesive space where relaxation takes precedence, making it suitable for areas dedicated to unwinding.

Combining burgundy with your peach cushions adds a rich, dramatic flair to your decor. This pairing is bold, making a statement that’s both luxurious and deeply comforting. Burgundy’s depth enhances the lighter, softer peach, creating a palette that’s warm and inviting. This contrast is perfect for those wanting to infuse their space with a sense of sophistication and warmth and is ideal for living areas or bedrooms.

What colour sofas do peach cushions look best on?

Peach cushions shine brightest on neutral sofas such as grey and white, enhancing their warmth and inviting charm. This colour also pops beautifully against darker tones like navy blue or charcoal, offering a striking contrast. It's best to avoid overly bright or saturated sofa colours like vibrant reds or greens, as they can clash with peach's softness.