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A scatter cushion is displayed on a bench seat with a throw.

Scatter Cushions

Our scatter cushions have been intentionally designed to coordinate well with each other which makes the task of building an arrangement incredibly easy. Crafted with both quality and aesthetics in mind, these designs promise to add a touch of elegance and cosiness to your space. Search our huge collection and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $150.

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Styling with Scatter Cushions

If you’re looking to freshen up your home, scatter cushions are the quickest and easiest way of sprucing up your space. To dress up your sofa, start the process by creating a very strong base. This means placing larger designs on each end of the couch, in either a solid colour or a pattern. Layer forward with more designs in slightly smaller sizes, perhaps in different textures and shapes. Finish your collection off with some stunning oblong or rectangle cushions to really draw the eye and make a statement.

Scatter cushions are also an effective way to instantly lift a room and introduce colour and pattern without overwhelming. Like using Christmas cushion covers at Xmas time, your selections can be based on the time of year or the current season. From jewel-toned plush velvet to floral and zig-zag patterns - it’s decadent design at its best. Bold colours can jazz up a neutral scheme by adding visual interest, warm up a cold room or lighten a dark one; while neutral colours can ground the room or tie together its colour scheme.

A modern room is shown with a beige sofa styled with large scatter cushions in blue teal and yellow

Our large cushions in block colours are great for layering on sofas as they provide an ideal base for graphic designs. Mix and match different patterns to add dimension and depth to the scheme of things. When searching for your scatter cushions online, avoid choosing those that match your sofa as you may end up with a decor composition that is entirely void of character and visual interest. If you prefer a monotone scheme, opt for cushions featuring various textures to create added visual interest and aesthetic appeal.

Scatter cushions can effortlessly make your home feel warm and inviting while also making it appear brighter and sophisticated. Because they come in so many variations, they offer you an endless amount of options to meet your design needs. Plus, both neutral and bold designs can suit just about every interior style. When purchasing scatter cushions online, think of them as a starting point when decorating a room. They can be a great foundational starting point to guide you through your decor scheme while keeping things looking visually interesting.