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A green sofa is shown with a tall lamp next to it against a white wall and on wooden flooring.

Cushions For A Green Sofa

Transform your green seating into an oasis of comfort and style with our handpicked selection of cushions for green couches and sofas. Tailored to complement the natural beauty and diverse tones of green, our collection features everything from bold patterns that stand out, to subtle textures that enrich. Each piece from our range of cushions for a green sofa has been meticulously chosen to enhance the refreshing and lush appeal of your green seating.

What colour cushions go with green sofas?

The best colour cushions for a green sofa include; lovely neutrals like cream, saturated tones like regal purple and warm contrasting tones like burnt orange.

While mustard or gold can beautifully complement a green sofa, overly bright or neon yellows might be too intense and create a jarring effect. Similarly, certain reds, especially bright or pinkish ones, can clash with green, potentially evoking unintended Christmas vibes. Here are our recommended colour cushions for green couches and sofas.

Use cream cushions on green sofas for timeless style
Using cream cushions for a green sofa provides a classic and timeless look that brings out the natural vibrancy of the green without overwhelming it.

This colour combination works every time and evokes a sense of calm and elegance while making the entire space feel more open and airy.

The softness of cream balances the boldness of the green, creating a harmonious and inviting living area. It's an ideal choice for those aiming for a sophisticated yet understated look.

Add deep purple cushions on green sofas for regal flair
If you want to create eye-catching contrast while still maintaining a relaxed and sophisticated vibe, using purple cushions on green sofas is the answer!

This combination works exceptionally well because it combines the natural tranquillity of green with the rich, royal vibe of deep purple.

The contrast is both striking and sophisticated, bringing a layer of opulence to any living space. It's perfect for creating a focal point within the room, drawing attention to the sofa as a centrepiece.

Style burnt orange cushions on green sofas for warm contrast
Burnt orange tones make an impact when used in cushions for green sofas as they introduce a warm, earthy contrast that's both vibrant and inviting.

This pairing capitalises on the complementary nature of orange and green on the colour wheel, creating a lively and dynamic aesthetic. The burnt orange adds a pop of autumnal warmth, making the space feel cosy and welcoming.

It's an excellent choice for those wanting to inject personality and warmth into their decor, making the green sofa stand out even more.