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A charcoal cushion is sitting upright on a wooden bench and against a white wall

Charcoal Cushions

Having trouble finding that perfect shade of charcoal for your room? Fear not, your ideal match is only a click away! Explore our extensive collection of charcoal cushions, available in an array of fabrics, sizes, and enchanting patterns. Ranging from subtle to bold, this fabulous colour serves as a versatile yet chic base that can complement all colours and patterns in your space.

Styling with charcoal cushions

There's something special about the flexibility of charcoal. It never lets you down, and can blend with any style or colour scheme you fancy. And talk about practicality! Charcoal is brilliant at gracefully concealing those unexpected spills and oopsie moments. Also, it’s a fabulous base that allows other colours to pop and spark joy. So, whether you're jazzing up a sofa, chair, or bed, charcoal cushions bring that delightful combo of versatility, sophistication, and stress-free upkeep to your lovely abode.

What colours go with charcoal cushion covers?

Blush pink
Think of blush pink next to your charcoal cushion covers as the first hint of sunrise peeking through a dusky sky. This soft hue brings a touch of warmth and romance, gently offsetting charcoal's strong presence. It's a subtle blend of strength and softness, adding a layer of charm and whimsy to the room. Blush pink doesn't just complement; it breathes life and emotion into the space, all while keeping things elegantly grounded.

Ivory or cream
Pairing charcoal with ivory or cream hues creates a gentle and appealing contrast. The subtle radiance of ivory or cream complements the deep richness of charcoal, producing a balanced look. These soft neutrals introduce warmth and a touch of elegance to the room, offering a calming presence that perfectly offsets the modern appeal of charcoal grey.

Rich rust
Imagine the rich glow of autumn leaves on a cloudy day. That's the magic that the colour rust can create when placed against charcoal cushions. This rich and warm tone infuses energy, coziness, and a hint of optimistic warmth, seamlessly blending the boundary between subdued and lively aesthetics. It's a refreshing pop that awakens the senses while maintaining a cosy ambiance.

What colour sofas do charcoal cushions look best on?

Charcoal cushions truly shine when paired with light-coloured sofas like soft whites, beiges, and pale greys. When used on these they create a harmonious and inviting look. It's best to avoid using charcoal on very dark, nearly black sofas, as they may blend in too much. While they can work on red or bright orange sofas, the contrast might be too intense.