Hamptons style cushions for your home


Classic, sophisticated and inspired by the sea, Hamptons style cushions lend a soothing, calm and inviting ambience.


What is Hamptons style?

Hamptons style uses a bright, airy colour palette of neutrals and ocean-inspired hues, plush soft furnishings, and warm hints of wooden furniture. Hamptons style draws inspiration from the coastal vibe of grand holiday mansions in the luxury seaside beaches of upstate Long Island, New York.

Because it is inspired by coastal landscapes, this style is the perfect balance of refined and relaxed living. It’s chicness and sophisticated flair has made its way into the hearts of homes across the world.

Hamptons cushions are a fun and easy way to inject this iconic style into your home decor without having to change key pieces of furniture.

Today, the style has evolved – like most interior styles do – with an updated colour palette, masculine finishes and new pattern play.



What are Hamptons style cushions?

Hamptons cushion covers evoke a sense of enduring beauty and luxury with comfort. The colour palette features neutral tones and vivid colours inspired by the sea, that pair effortlessly to create lively and breezy spaces.

Think light blue cushions, crisp whites, soft beiges, grey tones and sandy browns set against bold blue and green tones with a fair bit of navy and gold mustard. 

Textures and fabrics offer remarkable tactile quality – cotton and linen in complementary tones contribute to the casual, light and summery look. Bringing in hints of velvet makes the aesthetic more cosy and layered.

Floral, geometric, stripe and ikat style cushions provide a stylistic power that will have you admiring and swooning.



How to decorate Hamptons style?


1. Use a natural coastal colour palette

To recreate the look, begin with a soothing colour palette of neutrals – bright white dominates the room’s walls, and touches of sandy beiges and tans, ivory, off-whites and warm creams in upholstery capture a natural beach vibe. Darker shades of charcoal and grey tones contrast beautifully against muted colours.

In addition to the signature neutral canvas, bring in coastal-inspired strokes of varying shades of blue and green – cobalt, duck egg, teal, mint, seafoam and navy blue can be incorporated in the form of coastal cushions, oversized vases, ornamental lamps and coastal accents such as faux shells and coral.

Pops of rich navy and gold mustard can be used to create vibrancy in your scene.



2. Incorporate natural textures

Hamptons aesthetic delicately pulls from the textures of the natural surroundings. It’s soothing colour palette perfectly complements natural and organic materials: from wood and stone to linen, cotton, wool, jute and even rattan and wicker.

White timber floorboards, occasional tables in white-painted or natural timber, shimmery warm metals or aged bronze, cozy throw blankets, airy linen fabrication, large jute area rugs, rattan hanging chairs and baskets are classic textures used within this look.



3. Create lots of natural light

Floaty sheer cotton drapes contribute to beautifully bright interiors bathed in natural light.

A mix of table and floor lamps wrapped in natural fabrics or stylish pendant lights in traditional shapes can illuminate the home and offer a warm and inviting look that accentuates the furniture pieces, flooring and colour scheme.

Ensure that your room receives lots of natural light to maintain a bright, white base that will make the rest of your decor pop.



4. Use artwork that carries the theme

Artwork is the perfect way to cement the Hamptons cohesive look that flows throughout the home.

Opt for pieces that match the tranquillity of the sea-inspired atmosphere, such as paintings from Driftwood Interiors that showcase different shades of blue and green tropical leaves to tie your entire scheme together beautifully.



5. Make use of cushions and decor

One of the tenets of this design is incorporating hints of colour in the form of Hamptons style cushions. Solid or patterned designs that remind you of the ocean are always going to be a winner.

Enjoy chic florals found on our Lily and Floral Hamptons cushions, striking geometric patterns featured on our Lattice and Mosaic cushion covers, sophisticated stripes emulated on the Stripe floor cushion and lastly, the enchanting Stone Blue Velvet Linen cushion covers.

To complement your blue, navy and white cushion-scape; grey, navy, white, khaki or mustard throw blankets can create visual layers that draw the eye. Complete the look with Seabreeze and Sandalwood scented candles for a lived-in ambience.



Get started now

Despite its casual and laid-back feel, this style still portrays elegance and modern simplicity that works in any interior setting as effectively as it does in a beachside home.

Living spaces are bright and airy, exuding an inherent “come-in-and-sit-down” ease to the look. Create the look yourself with our range of Hamptons style cushions.

Happy styling!

Simply Cushions Team