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A blue velvet cushion placed on a bench seat with a plant nearby.

Blue Velvet Cushions

Hunting for the right shade of blue in a fabric that speaks elegance and charm? It’s waiting for you here in our vast collection of blue velvet cushions. Soft or striking? Whatever your choice, we have a size and shade in this luxurious fabric just for you! Blue is known for its calming effect while velvet provides a sumptuously comfortable texture to unwind with.

Styling with blue velvet cushions

There is magic in the depth of colour that blue velvet cushion covers provide - it's a blue that seems to have a life of its own! The plush velvet fabric, with its unique texture, absorbs and reflects light in a way that brings out the richness of the colour and changes throughout the day. The plush velvet fabric also offers a level of comfort that's truly unmatched, turning every moment into a luxurious experience. And the best part? They’re adaptable to the seasons, keeping you warm and cosy during winter and cool and comfortable in summer.

What goes well with blue velvet cushions?

White or cream
Pairing your blue velvet cushions with white or cream creates a canvas where the rich blue hue takes centre stage. The clean, crisp contrast is both calming and elegant, evoking a sense of serenity. White or cream tones invite relaxation and timelessness into your space, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a classic, airy ambiance. These colours seamlessly blend with blue velvet, allowing the plush fabric's opulence to shine while infusing your room with a sense of purity and sophistication.

Monochrome magic
Embrace various shades of blue, from the deepest navy to the softest powder blue, and let them mingle with your blue velvet designs. This approach creates an enchanting gradient of blues that adds depth and dimension to your area. The key here is to play with textures and patterns within the same colour family. The result is a cohesive and relaxing atmosphere that pays homage to the beauty of blue in all its glorious variations.

What colour sofas do blue velvet cushions look best on?

Blue velvet cushions harmonise beautifully with neutral-coloured sofas such as white, cream, grey, and beige, creating an elegant and balanced look. They also pop vibrantly against navy, but may not look as good on sofas with bold or clashing colours such as bright red or orange. Dark brown or black sofas as well may not provide enough contrast to make them stand out.