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A duck egg blue cushion is positioned on top of a wooden stool.

Duck Egg Blue Cushions

Trying to find the right duck egg colour for your home? You’re in the right place! Your dream duck egg blue cushions await you in our expansive range. From subtle to striking, find your ideal shade, size and fabric in our varied collection. This colour’s inherent elegance uplifts even the simplest of spaces, adding a touch of grace and charm.

Styling with duck egg blue cushions

Duck egg blue is a breath of fresh air in any living space. Its tranquil shades offer an embrace of calm, reminiscent of serene skies and gentle morning breezes. This hue isn't just soothing; it's adaptable and can easily accommodate a wide range of cushions. It also transitions gracefully with the seasons, from evoking spring's fresh promise to winter's cosy warmth. If you're decking out a room with new duck egg cushions, rest assured that your space will always be in tune with nature's moods.

What colours go with duck egg blue cushion covers?

Cream or ivory
Cream and ivory are like a comforting embrace for your duck egg blue cushion covers. Picture the soft touch of vintage linens or the gentle glow of morning sunlight filtering through sheer curtains. This pairing creates an ambiance that's effortlessly chic and timeless. Whether you're curling up with a good book or having a heart-to-heart over tea, spaces adorned with these colours radiate warmth, making everyone feel instantly at ease.

Chocolate brown
Pairing duck egg blue with chocolate brown brings a balanced depth to your decor. The robust richness of chocolate brown complements and grounds the light, airy feel of the duck egg blue. Together, they create a harmonious mix of earth and sky tones, establishing a sense of relaxation. This combination ensures both comfort and style, making any space feel like a cosy retreat.

Navy blue
Ever admired the vastness of the night sky or the deep, mysterious depths of the ocean? A navy or deeper blue alongside your duck egg blue cushions will capture that essence. This monochromatic scheme seamlessly flows, adding layers of sophistication to the decor. While duck egg blue whispers serenity, its navy counterpart confidently holds the space, creating a harmonious dance of light and depth.

What colour sofas do duck egg cushions look best on?

Duck egg blue cushions look lovely on neutral sofas like ivory, cream, taupe, and soft grey. They also beautifully complement darker shades like navy or chocolate brown. It’s best to avoid sofas in bright variations of red, orange and blue as these will clash visually. Additionally, sofas in darker shades of green can diminish the calming essence that duck egg blue brings.