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A green velvet cushion positioned on a curved armchair.

Green Velvet Cushions

Looking for that perfect shade of green in a fabric that is sure to elevate your space? Say hello to our delightful range of green velvet cushions where every piece is a statement! From subtle hues to more vibrant tones, our range covers various sizes in this plush fabric. The rich texture of velvet complements the depth of green, creating a design that’s both luxurious and vibrant.

Styling with green velvet cushions

There’s so much to love! Green velvet cushion covers are a delightful blend of luxury and practicality. The plush velvet brings an air of sophistication, making every relaxing moment with them feel royal. This fabric also plays wonderfully with light, revealing mesmerising tones that truly enrich your space. And let's not forget their resilience! With the right care, these products are hardworking gems, gracefully enduring daily wear and looking fabulous for years. Truly, they're both a comfort and a style statement.

What goes well with green velvet cushions?

Patterned florals
Have you ever taken a moment in a garden, admiring the way different plants and flowers come together in nature’s masterpiece? Patterned florals, especially ones sprinkled with hints of green, echo that same magic. When placed alongside green velvet cushions, they weave a narrative of blossoming gardens and sun-dappled afternoons. The varied colours and designs break the monotony, introducing bursts of nature's art right in your living space.

Beige or taupe linens
Think of these as that trusty friend who’s always got your back. Their subtle hues, being neutral, effortlessly complement the vivacity of the green velvet. By offering a calm, grounding touch, they ensure that your space feels balanced and never too overwhelming. Made of soft linen, they also bring in a touch of everyday comfort, blending seamlessly with the luxury of velvet. Together, they’re like a soothing ballad for your sofa or bed.

What colour sofas do green velvet cushions look best on?

Green velvet cushions shine brightest on neutral toned sofas like beige, taupe, or light grey. They also pop beautifully against deeper shades like navy, earthy browns and charcoal. It’s best to avoid any overly vibrant or clashing colour sofas. Specifically, bright reds, certain shades of orange, and neons can overpower the elegance of the green, leading to a jarring combination.