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Mandala Cushions

Our mandala cushions can help bring a little new age, mystic spiritualism into your space. Inspired by the circular geometric patterns present within aspects of Eastern religions, these wondrous design elements captivate the eye. Buy yours with us and get free shipping on orders over $150.

Styling with Mandala Cushions

If you have got a thing for bold pattern play and looking to spice up your home decor, Mandala cushions are your best bet. When tastefully selected and paired with plain accents, this intricate, circular pattern can be both charming and eye-catching. They make a worthy design statement in settings ranging from minimalist to maximalist, and everything in between. Cool neutrals lay the groundwork for vivid mandala patterns through a carefully selected colour palette of baby blue, subtle green, yellow, and white.

If you’re looking to mix and match different patterns, stick with three or four patterns that blend together perfectly as you develop your room style. For example, complement your Mandala cushions with a simple pattern that can provide variation and contrast without detracting from the overall aesthetic. The same goes for pairing colours — various patterns with varied hues can overwhelm the space and make it feel chaotic. Opt for a colour scheme within the same tonal family to create an aesthetically pleasing environment that’s easy on the eye, while still offering variety in your display.

To create ultimate balance, mix in solid colours in large 55cm sizes every so often that match those found in your Mandala cushion covers to enhance the high style look of the room and make it feel cohesive, too. If you have the luxury of space, you may want to spread the pattern around the room, not pile it up in one spot. For example, patterns can be added into your living space in the form of wallpaper, curtains, lamp shade, bedlinen to complement your collection.

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