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Kids Cushions

Children have extraordinary imaginations. Our huge range of kids cushions is full of fun colours and great textures that make decorating their rooms an adventure. Shop our curated range of kids cushions and enjoy free shipping anywhere in Australia on purchases over $150.

Styling with Kids Cushions

For kids, it’s all about creating a space that drives their imagination — and sometimes a little tweak, like new scatter cushions can take the room to greater heights. Because kids spend most of their time in their bedroom — sleeping, playing and working; their space should be a reflection of their little personality. Our stylish, fun, cosy and comfortable selection of kids cushions will keep them happy, from toddler to teen and all ages in between.

Kids’ rooms that spot a white neutral backdrop act as the perfect canvas to play with kids cushions using hints of colour and playful details. The key is to find balance without overwhelming the space, but rather offer a calming and clean atmosphere. A great way to get started is by adding more soft tones, textures and contrasting prints. For example, a combination of soft green or warm grey with colourful striped cushions makes the space more visually interesting, yet doesn’t restrict you to one overly coordinated look.

Alternatively, to inject character into a room, you may want to incorporate kids pillows in colours that are cheerful, happy and optimistic. The combination of shiny yellow, bright pink and aqua is timeless and effortlessly stylish. A hint of lime green into the mix will punctuate the scheme and add freshness. To ground the room and ensure that a cosy feel is maintained, throw in large kids floor cushions in solid colours for extra comfort and casual lounging.

Two large kids floor cushions in blue and brown are arranged in front of a potted plant for children to read

The benefits of kids floor cushions

A child’s room is usually an active place where bodies and minds remain busy for long periods of time. When it comes time for some downtime, it’s important to have a dedicated space where kids can relax and recharge. Large floor cushions for kids are perfect for this and their flexibility of use make them an essential piece for any children’s room. Use them to create a chill zone for quiet time, a dedicated place for reading, or pull them out for extra seating to watch movies or play games. Select designs that fit into the colour palette of your room and opt for fabrics that are easy to clean.

Besides casual lounging, kids floor cushions can often make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of a room. They are a great way to add to the rooms aesthetic appeal with a hint of colour and drama. In bold, vibrant tones, giant cushions create a cheerful atmosphere. When incorporated into the children’s playroom, different colours can encourage children to use their imagination and develop a sense of style. In addition, large kids decorative pillows can be used on the floor to create an instant reading nook. This way, they make stealing some time to focus on a good book more comfortable and cozy.

A collection of pink kids cushions with rainbows are shown in a child's bedroom.

Choosing colours and patterns for kids cushions

The ability to infuse a sense of warmth and comfort using various colours, patterns and textures is a super power that parents should explore. You can never go wrong with a mix of florals, stripes and geometric patterns to create a visually interesting space. Because children’s playrooms are positioned for children to learn, play and unwind, kids cushion covers have become an important element in creating a laid-back and casual atmosphere. And remember, kids play spaces exist outside as well. Many homes have outdoor spaces like cubby houses and patio areas where outdoor cushion covers can be used to make the environment more welcoming for children.

Often unique to children’s designs is the use of graphics and cartoons. Animal motifs in particular are popular and help promote an active imagination. What better way to celebrate the wonder of childhood than with both soft and textured accent pieces. For adventurers and dreamers, a unicorn cushion is a fun and whimsical reminder that playful creatures are alive and well in the realm of their room. These eye-catching kids decorative pillows showcase animals of the land, sky and sea — and they truly stand out against a solid neutral background.

Earthy neutrals, textures and natural materials ground a child’s room, especially if the main colour scheme is bold and bright. Childrens cushions in shades of green and blue offer a more relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. What’s more, they partner beautifully with natural wood tones and neutral wall hangings. Hints of yellow that’s not too bright or too dull, but sits just in between is perfect for a bit of happy colour. Coral is another fantastic colour to incorporate in your cushion arrangement. It adds a beautiful pop of colour and makes a unique design statement.