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A red cushion is sitting on a modern chair in a bright room.

Red Cushions

Nothing stands out quite like red! Like a bold lipstick, just a hint of it can accentuate a rooms’ mood and appearance. Sharp, sophisticated and sexy are just few words to describe our range of red cushions. Find your favourite collection to suit your style and get free shipping on all orders over $150.


Styling with Red Cushions

Red cushion covers aren’t for the faint of heart. It’s a stimulating colour that’s full of passion and can be used to heighten the senses. From crimson to cherry, and merlot to maroon, there are endless ways to use this warm shade to create a mood. Different patterns and shades of red can work together in just about any interior style and this colour looks amazing when used outside. Depending on the shade and context, it can feel modern, eclectic, contemporary, rustic or timeless.

When teamed with other colours, red offers even more versatility. For instance, earthy red paired with brown cushions can warm a room and make it feel more cosy and intimate. Red cushions combined with soft greys and touches of dusty purple can make a space feel cosy, feminine and soft. A textured combination of bold red solids and patterns with hints of orange and blue can give your living space a playful, retro vibe.

Red cushions are layered on a lightweight sofa within a modern styled living room that features light greys, black and white colouring

Achieve the look you want

To achieve a contemporary look, incorporate neutrals with bold pops of reds to give the room the confidence it craves. For a more traditional look, red cushions can be an instant makeover colour that brings aliveness to the scheme of things. In such formal settings, pick one tone of red and stick with it — competing tones can feel chaotic. In modern, clean aesthetics, introduce zig zags in black and white or blue and add to your red collection for dimension and visual interest.

If you really want to break all the limits with the colour red, you can simply layer your designs tone on tone, but in different textures. This way, you can use one colour family without your space looking dull or uninspired. Select red cushions in different shades — they can vary from bold red to a more subtle shade, and use some bold floor cushions to finish off the space. Include a combination of cotton-linen, velvet and faux fur as using different textures prevents your arrangement from looking too uniform.

Try maroon cushions

To switch it up, dark red or dark red-brown tones are perfect for casual seasonal updates in the living room as well as the bedroom. Fall-toned maroon cushions are great to make a statement and can add an element of warmth. Mix a combination of neutrals to cosy up your seating area, or pair with equally saturated hues like navy or yellow cushion covers for a look that’s beautiful and refined. It also seamlessly pairs with grey and blush rose for chic contemporary design finish.

Maroon offers the same depth and instant warmth to any room decor. It can be incorporated into a neutral space to add a rich touch of colour, or in a moody scheme to evoke luxury and drama. Style rich burgundy with maroon designs in a velvet texture to create a sophisticated finish that still looks chic. Chocolate brown and charcoal grey also pair beautifully with maroon. No matter what your personal taste is, this striking colour will add refined, classic and warming sensibility to any interior setting.